Toys R Us in Canada Shows Off Their Power Rangers Stock In A Display of Beautiful Eye Candy



An image sent to Toy Wizards, HQ which claims to be from a Toys R Us in Ontario, Canada shows a very delicious sight. Something that us Power Rangers fans have been deprived of for months. 

That’s right– product on the shelf.

However, in spite of the acres of tasty toy morphiliciousness, we do have one little thing wrong.

These toys aren’t supposed to hit the shelves quite yet. Some of them, anyway.

While initial reports from Hasbro stated we would see Power Rangers toys hitting the shelves ‘In March’ (and seriously, no time was wasted!) those Beast Morphers action figures claimed to have a slightly later release date of April, 2019.

But a release this good can’t be held back, all pent up with nowhere to go! We need these toys in our hands! 

Thus, my fellow Power Rangers junkies, this is a call to action! I declare today field trip day! Since we can’t all go squirrel away in Ontario, Canada, we must take ourselves to our local Targets and Walmarts and see if their shelves are stocked with all of this sexy, sexy eye candy yet. For the good of the fandom! In the interest of collecting!

After all, Beast Morphers aired two days ago on Nickelodeon. We don’t want Hasbro to think their efforts are wasted…right?

Toy collecting sequence has been initiated.

Toy collecting, activated.


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