Let’s Talk About Original Action Figures ‘The Worst’ From Super7

Among their hoards of Masters of the Universe, Planet of the Apes, Aliens, and newly announced dozens of other licensed products, Super7 also has something interesting in their arsenal.

A line of original action figures/characters they call ‘The Worst’.

These characters aren’t anything new, per se. Super7 is launching their second wave of these bad boys with a new set of personalities and characters.

Screenshot 2019-03-04 06.47.34

While I personally think there’s something neat about some of the designs, I can’t help but wonder a few things. And that is primarily which people in the toy collecting community are most into The Worst figures.

I pose this question completely openly and without any sort of judgement; these figures are good looking and appear well made! But because most of the people in my collecting circle collect licensed products and brands (usually ones they connected with from childhood or have a vested interest in the world these toys represent), I’m truly curious about original action figures collectors.

I speculate that the people going after these might be Super7 enthusiasts. Possibly, they’ve tapped into members of the custom action figures community. Maybe people who collect horror toys would be drawn to these off the bat.

It’s not my intention to sound dumb here– maybe I’m just not part of the club. But I’m still inquisitive to know who is, because I don’t see Super7’s original products really discussed in any collector’s circles. Not at toy shows, not at conventions, and not in the Facebook groups I lurk.

And believe me, it’s a lot of them.

But with that, to repeat, The Worst is a set of original action figures from Super7 that re soundly constructed with nice paint jobs. I’d be interested to hear from them for more information on the fans of these figures, because they’re intriguing.

They’re just not…well…



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  1. Dear Loryn,

    There is market for this kind of series. The novelty/designer scene is growing year by year, there are many conventions now for the enthusiasts, and don’t forget that 5POA kitbash bootleg figures are also in their prime time now. The next step definitely is the stop-motion series, that was announced more than a year ago with the help of the guys behind Robot Chicken. That will boost the sales for sure.

    • Thanks! I didn’t mean to make the article sound accusatory, as if there is no market. Clearly there is. It’s more like a “hey, if you’re out there, are forward and talk to me!”

      • Well, it wasn’t like that at all, no worries! You’re just seeking the collectors or fans who could be the possible target audience.

        I admit, I’m not a big fan of 5POA. I was always a G.I. Joe guy, so for me articulation is a must. But, there is the other half of me. I watched thousands of horror flicks when I was a kid and in the early years of adulthood and I just love all the crazy-ugly rubber monsters, practical effects and cheesy one-liners offered in B-movies or trash flicks. And somehow these figures capture that feel, so nostalgia is there, even in a deep, hardly noticeable stasis. I’m not sure about others, since I don’t know anyone else who bought any of the first wave, but I felt that the trend might inspire lof of people coming from a similar background.

  2. The fact that The Worst aren’t based on an existing licensed property is EXACTLY what drew me to this line. In a sea of Star Wars, MOTU and Marvel Legends, it’s just refreshing to have a few wacky figures that stand on their own as unique and quirky pieces. We’re in a great place with collectible action figures right now, but my one complaint is the dearth of originality as companies scramble to cash in on nostalgia properties. Lines like this one prove that there’s still some creativity out there in the toy market.

  3. I think these appeal to the 1950’s campy Sci-fi and horror fans like me.

    Plus I grew up in the 70’s, there were a lot of cool knock-off cheap toys for those families on a budget, like mine. And these remind me of those quirky designs.

    I love the simplicity and colours. In a market bursting at the seams with hyper articulation and detail, resulting in a sea of drab colours, these are a fresh breath of nostalgic air.

    Your review was in no way heavy handed or accusatory.

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