Transformers 35th Anniversary Evergreen Grimlock, Soundwave & Wheeljack Images

Via Weibo user TF-Factory we can share for you (courtesy of TFW 2005) images of the Transformers 35th Anniversary Evergreen Grimlock, Soundwave & Wheeljack.


Per Transformers World 2005:

The images feature the new Evergreen design with a big 35th anniversary logo on the right, in a style very similar to the packaging art of previous Transformers Authentics figures. It’s unclear what the use of this images will be, but according to the information shared, they could be part of promotional material for the 35th anniversary of our franchise in the US. Take this information with a grain of salt until we get an official confirmation.

Personally, I think this artwork is so stunning that any application will be appreciated. I’ll take Soundwave on a pillowcase so we can cuddle at night. Perhaps a shirt so it’s like I get to hug a robot. Perhaps an actual toy, but Gundam Japan Statue sized so I can tell me HOA where to shove it.

Or even just a poster, please.

How do you want this artwork used? Tell Toy Wizards in the comments and get the conversation going!


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