Funko Unveils New DC Primal Age Action Figures

The DC Primal Age line is expanding with more characters and beasts. The only repaint is the black and white Batman, which according to Batman-News, will be a Target exclusive. Bearing in mind that Target has the exclusive rights to the DC Primal Age comic, that’s not too much of a surprise.

Although it will make for some good hunting, because I really, really, like that black and white Batman.

Even more fun, the aesthetic of the comic book is based on the toy line, which is a really awesome throw back to the way toy-to-media was handled back in the 80s. It’s a brand new world based on an old new world, and I hope we see a lot of toys with corresponding video and comic book treatment just like in the 80s because it worked. So, you’re worried about toy sales declining? Give your kid a DC figure and sit them down with a Batman cartoon. And I don’t say that with sarcasm- it works and kids like playing with characters they know and recognize!

Funko DC Primal Age Action Figure Gallery:


SOURCE: Batman-News

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