Toy Wizards Predict that ‘UNO’ Movie is Next for Mattel Films

All right, Internet. This is a speculative piece. A prediction if you will. The start of a rumor, perhaps?

So don’t “at me” as the kids say.

As we all know at this point, the newly formed Mattel Films, who officially announced their presence in a September 2018 Press Release, has been very busy picking through their franchises and IPs, scouring for what they think will make a good movie. First announced was the Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie. Second on their list was a potential He-Man and the Masters of the Universe film. Then third, and most recently announced, was a Hot Wheels live action movie.

So, why stop there, Mattel Films?

We all know that Mattel has UNO stoke. Not only did they announce in September 2018 that UNO continued to hold its place as the Number One Game In America (which I know is true because I found UNO cards streaked all over my front lawn from those damn suburban neighborhood kids hanging out in my cul-de-sac), but UNO also participated in the popular social media ’10 Year Challenge’ that plagued the internet over the last few weeks.

Screenshot 2019-02-03 07.47.31.png
You’d never know she was 48 years old, she’s just so wild

While the Internet was buzzing in confusion over what a Hot Wheels movie could possibly be about, Mattel should have just cut the crap and gone right for the UNO game instead. It could have been the Power Rangers movie we didn’t know we wanted– sentient numbers each ruled by a kingdom of color, standing up against the Wild Card to transform into their selected Spectrum of Destiny. Singularly, the Soldier of Color is unable to summon their magical strength. But when smooshed together with a soldier of matching number or color, they’re able to manifest the ‘Care Bear Stare’ and blast forth their magic through the power of friendship and team work.

The words uttered when their combined Megazord of Magic penetrates through the darkness like a wandering shooting star?

You know those words that glitter off those lips.

The secret word is…


No? Yes? Maybe?

Whatever, I’d watch it.

Do you think Mattel would be bold enough to make an UNO movie? Do you think it could be any worse than Hot Wheels? Give the Toy Wizards your thoughts and get the conversation going!


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