Hasbro’s Online Toy Shop Shuts Down to Rebuild Site and Add New Toys

Power Rangers toys, Power Rangers toys, Power Rangers toys…

Wishful thinking, I guess.

A few days ago via Instagram, Hasbro announced that their online toy store was shut down through February. According to their Instagram, the shop is closed pending huge updates and a more streamlined user interface.

Some questions that Hasbro answered on their toy site’s FAQs are:

What is happening to Hasbro Toy Shop?

Improving the toy shopping experience is always one of our top priorities. While we can’t go into specifics, we are excited to share more about the changes to the new, more curated site in the coming months. Check back for more details!

Can I still place an order on Hasbro Toy Shop?

Yes, you can still place orders on Hasbro Toy Shop through January 17, 2019, 11:59pm ET. No new purchases can be made on Hasbro Toy Shop after this time. We’ll be making changes beginning January 18, 2019.

How do I check on the status of a recent order?You can still access your account and check existing orders using your login at HasbroToyShop.com through February 2019.

Will you be relaunching an e-commerce site?

Yes; we are excited to launch our new e-commerce site in February 2019.

I have a remaining balance on my Hasbro Toy Shop gift card. Can I still use this on the new site?

Please hold on to your gift cards as the remaining balance can be used on the new site.

What brands/products will the new site include?

We are excited to share more details in February 2019 about the curated selections of brands & products that will be featured on the new site.

What will happen to my account information once Hasbro Toy Shop shuts down?

All personal information associated with your Hasbro Toy Shop account will be deleted when the new site relaunches. Order information will be retained for audit purposes only. 

Have another question not listed here?

Please contact us at customerservice@hasbrotoyshop.com or 1-800-408-0052.

While it may seem irrelevant or insignificant to post about Hasbro’s online toy store being shut down for a little bit, there are a few thing of note here to consider. Now, let’s start with those Power Rangers we discussed a moment ago. Power Rangers fans and toy collectors know that since the Hasbro acquisition, merchandise for the franchise has been a dead wasteland. We wrote an article recently about toys we hope Hasbro will deliver to Power Rangers, but until we see new merchandise in their shop, it’s all but speculation.

Second: A reboot/refresh in Transformers merchandise. Right now, there’s a divide in Transformers toys. We have those super dinky cheap toys that are dangling from shelves at Walmart and Target. At Walmart, the shelves are pretty barren. There’s a few Bumblebee movie toys left, and a few of the small toys made at the same time in dinky, unattractive packaging. We know that the G1 reissues are on their way for Soundwave and the Decepticon cassettes, and the shelves have just been cleared of remaining Hot Rod toys. Now, where Transformers collectors benefit is that there’s a huge range of toys from preschool to highly collectible statues, but judging by the scarceness of the shelves, Hasbro might be planning a new wave of release.

Third: This might be overreaching, or perhaps just wishful thinking, but I know that the G.I. Joe community wants to see some news from Hasbro that there’s some new toys in the works. If Hasbro could deliver something, from reissue or anniversary toys, or even just a little whisper that Joe could return, the collecting community would be stoked.

What do you want to see from Hasbro when their online store reopens? Are there any games, toys, or collectibles you’re waiting on from them? Let Toy Wizards know in the comments and get the conversation going!


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