Super 7 Teases Castle Grayskull Box For Their Wave 4 MOTU Line

Today on Instagram, the amazing toy company Super 7 teased a Castle Grayskull from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe box with little more information than the promises of “Next week…”

A few days before that, the independent toy giant teased with a little more vagueness, displaying the image of Grayskull, but not outright showing us that this was indeed a box. Back then, all we saw were the words “Coming soon…”

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Naturally, toy collectors and fans of Super 7 are freaking out in the best (and worst if you look at some of the comments on the image) ways possible. Everything from “Yes, I want these characters as action figures!” To “Ew, don’t make any She-Ra toys, gross.” 

But my question is this– so what is in that box?

Super 7 tagged their newest teaser image with ‘Wave 4″, which is super exciting amidst their past re-releases of the original Mattel toys. If you’ve gone to conventions and seem their set up, you’ll know that Super 7 has an excellent Castle Grayskull replica, and a charming Castlegray Skull dungeon.  They also knocked it out of the park over the holiday season with Christmas hat He-Man, and killed it over the summer with the San Diego Comic Con “Laughing Prince Adam” exclusive.

Bearing all of this amazing stuff in mind, it led me down a path when trying to learn more about what was hiding in that sneaky little Castle Grayskull box. What does this Wave 4 look like? What characters will be featured first? What are some of the specs?

Which threw me down a rabbit hole that consisted of disappointment with Super 7’s website. No press release. No updated news. No teaser images. No blog posts. Nothing.


We’ll be keeping our eyes on Super 7 over the next week for more information about what goodies are hiding in their new Castle Grayskull box. But until then, since we’re updating our website? Maybe they should take a hint and do the same.


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