G1 Soundwave Reissue Revealed

We are sure this will please Transformers fans who love Soundwave, or the youngins who heard about these fabled things called ‘cassette tape decks’ . Care of In-Demand Toy Facebook we have our first image of the upcoming G1 Soundwave Reissue for your chunky 80s robot loving eyes.


This reissue of fan-favorite Soundwave seems to bring the same classic G1 packaging with Buzzaw included as in the original release. According to Transformer World 2005, some of their users noticed that this reissue is using the old G1 mold rather than the Japanese G1 Soundblaster remold of other previous reissues with a different cassette door.

One can only hope that the return of Soundwave means cassette tapes come back. And if cassette tapes return, it means new life and for all of our Tiger Talk Boys out there.

But that’s for another article.

We will keep Toy Wizards readers posted with information about release date or any other characters than may be for sale alongside Soundwave.

Ready to add some more G1 flavor into your collections? Walmart should be carrying this reissue in the US, so we hope to see it in stores soon. Do you think there are more G1 reissues on the way?

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SOURCE: Transformer World 2005

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