The Twilight Zone Mystic Seer 1:1 Scale Prop Replica Signature Edition Bundle – Entertainment Earth Exclusive

Entertainment Earth Exclusive! Can you predict the future? Dedicated fans of The Twilight Zone will never forget the mysterious Mystic Seer, and you’ll probably never forget the first time you laid eyes on it. What if you could have one of your very own? Maybe you can. This updated limited edition of 300 pieces features a redesigned series-accurate head sculpt. The fully functioning The Twilight Zone Mystic Seer Prop 1:1 Scale Prop Replica – Signature Edition from Bif Bang Pow! measures about 11 1/2-inches tall x 7 1/2-inches wide x 5-inches long and features a creepy spring-mounted devil-like head on top and the words “Ask Me a Yes or No Question. Does He/She Love Me? Will I Become Rich? Is My Future Bright?” and “1 Cent Mystic Seer” on the front. But best of all, this special version is signed by William Shatner!

The Mystic Seer has a real napkin holder (napkins not included) and a coin slot with a working lever on the front that magically dispenses your “fortune”! A key opens a compartment in the front so you can retrieve your coins and try again for a fortune you might like better. The Mystic Seer is a limited edition and comes with 24 fortune cards, a certificate of authenticity, a signature card signed by William Shatner, and premium packaging.

Special Bonus – An exclusive 13-inch tall x 10-inch wide Busy Bee Cafe menu cover with eight additional fortune cards inside is included, along with a set of four 1 1/4 to 1 1/2-inch glow-in-the-dark pins featuring iconic images from the show’s opening credits: The Twilight Zone logo, the famous eyeball, the flying saucer, and the clock!

Other versions have sold out, so don’t wait. Order yours today before they disappear into The Twilight Zone!

The Mystic Seer appears in “Nick of Time,” the 1960 Episode #43 from Season 2 of The Twilight Zone starring William Shatner as Don S. Carter and Patricia Breslin as Pat Carter, newlyweds whose car breaks down in Ridgeview, Ohio. They choose to have lunch at the Busy Bee Cafe while waiting for the repairs to be made, and the table they sit at has a fortune teller machine that answers yes or no questions for a penny each. Superstitious Don becomes infatuated with the device’s apparent ability to predict the future, thereby threatening his marriage and his future with Pat.

As Rod Serling says in the opening narration to the episode, “The hand belongs to Mr. Don S. Carter, male member of a honeymoon team on route across the Ohio countryside to New York City. In one moment, they will be subjected to a gift most humans never receive in a lifetime. For one penny, they will be able to look into the future. The time is now, the place is a little diner in Ridgeview, Ohio, and what this young couple doesn’t realize is that this town happens to lie on the outskirts of the Twilight Zone.” 

  • Entertainment Earth Exclusive!
  • Limited Edition of 300 pieces signed by William Shatner!
  • Life-size replica featuring series-true head design.
  • Authentic, functioning reproduction Mystic Seer prop replica from The Twilight Zone!
  • Working coin mechanism, dispenses “fortunes,” and more!
  • Download printable fortune cards right here! Card Front Card Back
  • Special Bonus – Busy Bee Cafe menu cover and 4-piece pin set included!

Available – Now

Retail – $499.99

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