Universal Soldier Luc Deveraux Exquisite Super 1:12 Figure

Joining the Exquisite Super Series, from 1992 sci-fi thriller Universal Soldier, is the 1:12 scale Luc Deveraux action figure! After his body is secretly taken away to be resurrected through experiments as a memory-deprived war machine, Luke gradually regains his memories and meets a journalist who accidentally uncovers the secret of the universal soldier. This Previews Exclusive Luc action figure stands at 6 1/4-inces tall and faithfully reproduces his appearance from the film. Luc comes dressed in a real fabric camouflage combat suit with straps for gun holsters and grenade pouches. Accessories include MP5K SMG (detachable magazine), desert eagle pistol (detachable magazine), 2x grenades, communication headset, police baton, life meter. Additional 7x interchangeable hands and 2x interchangeable head sculpt ensure dynamic combat poses, echoing the film’s intense scenes!

Universal Soldier Luc Deveraux Exquisite Super 1:12 Figure – PX

Available – January 2025

Retail – $99.99

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