The TUBBZ Universe ExpandsNew Mini TUBBZ & now TUBBZ Plushies make their debut!

  TUBBZ cosplaying rubber duck collectibles take iconic characters from the world of movies, tv shows, gaming, comic books and music and give them a quirky ducky makeover. They are skilfully designed capturing facial expressions, hair, clothing and accessories to create replicas of icons that we all know and love and have gone down a storm with pop culture fans and collectors. Four years and over 250 characters later, the TUBBZ universe is soaring to new heights with the addition of new Mini TUBBZ collectibles and TUBBZ Plushies to feed pop culture obsessions.
Whether you’re a TUBBZ collector or a new fan, dive right in and check out this lot! Introducing Mini TUBBZFor this first release 6 of the most popular TUBBZ characters are now available as super cute mini ducks, or should we say ducklings? Half the size of the standard TUBBZ at just 2 inches tall, they look identical to their bigger duck-alikes and come in a miniature bathtub perfect for displaying alongside standard and XL TUBBZ. 
Take the plunge with Mini TUBBZ if you are tight on space and would LOVE smaller versions to display, prefer to splash out on an affordable alternative or you’re simply just crazy for TUBBZ.  Numskull has turned 6 favourite characters into mini versions: Jaws: Bruce the Shark, Minions: Bob & Stuart,Ghostbusters: Stay Puft, The Grinch and Sonic the Hedgehog.
Welcome to the world of TUBBZ PlushiesGet set for something very different for the TUBBZ Collection. Seven key TUBBZ characters are sticking their beaks into the world of plushies adding a whole new dimension to this collection. They look identical to their rubber duck family as they take on a glorious, soft plushie form.
The TUBBZ Plushie line-up includes a trio of gaming legends from Destiny who have all had a re-boot. Fans will love the detail on Eris MornCayde-6 and Zavala
Here are the rest of the plushie crew: Clever girl! T-Rex is hiding in Jurassic Park. Watch out she has her beady eye on you and you may struggle to find her as a plushie!Da-dum, da-dum, Bruce the shark from Jaws looks marginally less terrifying, or does he?For Transformers fans, Optimus Prime has moved on from Leader of the Autobots, to a new look as Leader of the Plushies.  Note this is a GAME UK Exclusive. And finally, because Christmas is coming, here’s Santa, he is literally the gift that keeps on giving!
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