Iron Studios Anti-Eternia He-Man Masters of the Universe Art Scale 1/10

Completely evil and undefeated in combat, in a world of dark mirrors called Anti-Eternia, the ruler and self-proclaimed wickedest man in the universe holds and looks at his Evil Sword of Power, plotting new ways of expanding his domain beyond his infamous world! With entirely black skin, black clothes with red details, and red hair and eyes, Iron Studios brings the variant statue with the Lord of Hellskull, the fearsome villain “Anti-Eternia He-Man – Masters of the Universe – Art Scale 1/10”, the mighty warrior based on the version from the comic books and toy line, in which the champion defender of Eternia faces his doppelganger from a reality of a strange inverse world. Manufactured in a limited and numbered edition with only 200 statues available worldwide.

In a hellish world located in the Anti-verse, a mirrored dimension in which the good and evil swapped places, his ruler is the most relentless tyrant that Anti-Eternia has ever known, the fearsome Anti-Eternia He-Man, also known as Anti He-Man, that rules with cruelty from Castle Hellskull. After being defeated by his archenemy, the heroic Prince Keldor, the Anti He-Man was summoned by Skeletor through his World Converter, an interdimensional gateway between realities. But instead of joining forces with Skeletor, Anti He-Man threw him out from the Snake Mountain, and with irreversible evil powers, he conquered most of the planet with his own alliance of evil warriors, until He-Man and Skeletor teamed up to fight him. He challenged He-Man to combat and then vanished when Man-At-Arms and Skeletor destroyed the World Converter. As a final betrayal, Skeletor teleported both He-Man and Anti He-Man to the Anti-Verse, where He-Man helped Prince Keldor to defeat Anti He-Man on Castle Hellskull. In the DC Comics Masters of the Multiverse series, Anti He-Man attacks the Multiverse, forcibly taking He-Man’s Sword of Power from each universe, and reclaiming the Power of Grayskull from each place.

An exceptionally early Pre-Order release, in the month that the Iron Studios Concept Store celebrate their “Skelebration” at their store in São Paulo-SP, a celebration of Skeletor, one of the most beloved and iconic supervillains in pop culture! Commemorating the release of many statues from the Masters of the Universe – Art Scale 1/10 collection by Iron Studios. Anti-Eternia He-Man is one of the first statues with a variant painting by Iron Studios, inspired by other medias such as the comic books and the toy lines. Check out the variant “Hordak Comics Ver.- Masters of the Universe – Art Scale 1/10” and much more from the MOTU universe soon on the social media and on the monthly showInside Iron Studios Day on YouTube.

Anti-Eternia He-Man – Masters of the Universe – Art Scale 1/10


– Limited edition only 200 statues available worldwide

– Based on original references

– Made in polystone – *(may contain parts in resin, polystone, PVC, metal and fabric)

– Hand painted

– Product dimensions: 8.4 in (H) x 6.4 in (W) x 5.5 in (D)

– Product Weight: 2.2 lbs

– MSRP: USD 159,99 (American US Dollars)

– Release schedule: Second quarter of 2024


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