RetrOs – Classic Style 3.75″ O-Ring Action Figures! Kickstarter by Zica Toys

Zica Toys is excited to launch their new RetrOs brand of classic style o-ring action figures that are similar in design to what were commonly found in successful toy lines from the 70s and 80s, most of which were developed by MEGO and Hasbro.  We’re starting the ball rolling with two new exciting properties, FIST and Pocket People!  FIST is a licensed IP that blends elements of modern military, sci-fi, and fantasy.  Pocket People is a line that’s planned to cover a variety of themes, similar to the Fisher Price Adventure People line released in 1975.

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FIST Action Figures

The initial wave of the FIST action figure line will include four characters, two heroes and two villains.  The heroes (FIST) include FIST Trooper and Mad Dog, and the villains (SAFE) include Doom Sinner and Doom Trooper.  Each figure comes with a variety of weapons and accessories as shown in the images below.

Pocket People Action Figures

The initial wave of the Pocket People action figure line will include two characters, a Hamilton’s Invaders trooper and a Mercenary.  Each figure comes with a variety of weapons and accessories as shown in the images below.

Design Features

Though we’re drawing inspiration for the construction from vintage o-ring figures, we are changing a few things that will hopefully be seen as improvements.  Some of these changes are already being used on a few of the most recent o-ring figure lines that are currently in development by other companies.

  • ABS/PVC Material:  The body parts will be comprised of both ABS and PVC injected materials.  The use of PVC will allow us to avoid the need for metal rivets, and also allow for some parts to be easily swapped out without having to disassemble the figure.
  • Swappable Heads:  The heads can be easily removed from the neck piece and swapped out among the different figures.  Our plan is to make this feature compatible with the Legends Of The Hidden Force line of o-ring figures from Whiskey Jack Toys, which just recently funded on Kickstarter.
  • Swappable Accessories: Small accessory pieces such as weapons and other attachments will be swappable across various figures.  For example, if you wanted the Mercenary figure to have the FIST Trooper’s side arm it’s possible to swap this piece out.  This is achieved by the use of a small attachment pin on the accessory pieces.
  • Swivel Wrists/Flexible Hands:  The hands will swivel at the wrist and be cast in a flexible material to allow for a secure grip on the weapons.  Also, as an added bonus, this will eliminate the dreaded threat of broken thumbs!
  • Ball and Socket Leg Connection: A uniquely designed metal T-hook (pictured below) will provide a ball and socket connection for the legs which will allow them to have a slight degree of swivel rotation.


The packaging we’re planning to use will be a standard 6″ x 9″ blister card, each of which will have unique artwork for the various characters.

Our Track Record

We’re well aware that with every Kickstarter there’s always some level of apprehension with potential backers on the creator’s ability to deliver on a project.  Based on our own experience as a backer it’s easy to understand why this apprehension exists.  However, we want you to know that ZICA Toys has been in business since 2006 and always delivered on bringing our projects to market, some of which were funded via Kickstarter, and some that were self funded.  The image below shows all of our projects that have actually come to market.

Kickstarter Backer Bonus

As a bonus for backers of this Kickstarter we’re offering free shipping on all pledge rewards.  Unfortunately we can only open this Kickstarter up to US backers as international shipping has become increasingly complicated to calculate and process.  Assuming the Kickstarter funds we will offer international orders to select countries through or company website and eBay store.

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