ARTWORK REVEAL – “Welcome to the Machine” – The art of Skinner x House of Gog- upcoming statue

Every House of Gog art statue is a transposition of an original artwork by artists we love. It is always very exciting for us to show you guys the reference art for our upcoming releases.

It’s probably equally exciting for you guys to try to imagine what it’s gonna look like in 3D (right?)

We hope you appreciate this very cool & mind-blowing masterpiece created by Oakland-based art wizard, the legendary Skinner.

This new diorama-like original art statue will definitely be a worthy tribute to Skinner’s masterful work!

15pm ET | 12pm PT | 8pm UK | 9pm France

Pre-orders to follow a few days later.

See you there!

Teaser video:

Oakland-based artist Skinner is recognized for his vivid, psychedelic and otherworldly art – an agile mix of horror, humour, sci-fi and fantasy. His highly detailed line work, skillful blend of color and composition, make his art amongst the coolest, raddest and most immersive ever.

Rooted in the ‘70s & ‘80s, Skinner created a unique style with rich stories and a thoughtful narrative approach.

The Skinner universe is filled with mystical creatures, dark magic and cursed artifacts, inspired partly by the old school Dungeons & Dragons lore and the cover art of his youth and partly by the pages of illustrated cult magazines such as Heavy Metal and Eerie but also from his love for comics in general.

Mostly focused on his personal work, Skinner has done some cool commercial gigs with Warner Bros, Vans, Adult Swim, Fender guitars, Heavy Metal magazine, Juxtapoz, Kidrobot, Quentin Tarantino, Grammy winning metal band Mastodon and many more.

More info here:

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