Giant Purple Panthor “Missing” In New York City

Mattel is “Skelebrating” 41 years of Masters of the Universe with Skeletor and his trusted savage cat “Panthor” traveling through a portal to NYC!  Unfortunately, Panthor and Skeletor have been separated, leaving Skeletor roaming the city desperately in search of his beloved cat. 

Be on the lookout this week as you might find clues including paw prints and more and will likely see Skeletor popping up in the subway, on the street, in parks, the zoo, or local eateries in search of Panthor. You will likely also see “Missing Cat” posters using the hashtag, #WheresPanthor and offering a reward to anyone who can help locate missing Panthor.  

Skeletor Entering NYC

Skeletor Subway Spotting

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