CYBERZOIC- Sci Fi Dinosaur and Dragon action figures Kickstarter

Armored Dinosaurs and Alien Dragons clash in this new science fiction toy line centered around nature and mankind’s place within it.

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For the past seven years, the Beasts of the Mesozoic line of dinosaur action figures has continued to grow thanks to the support of the dinosaur collector community. This success has allowed us the opportunity to build on this concept, developing an all-new, original toy line, once again with true natural history as its primary focus. But what if instead of traveling back in time we… jumped forward?  Cyberzoic is the story of mankind’s future, as we resurrect Earth’s most powerful creatures from our past, to help us survive in the future.  What will be the fate of a species successful enough to control the nature itself? And what are the consequences of meddling with the balance of the universe, especially on a planet that is not our own? 

2170 AD.  AI and synthetic ecosystems have solved the problems of overpopulation and hunger. Humanity has now turned its entire focus to exploring the cosmos. Soon manned space flights discover an Earth-like planet capable of sustaining life, which they name Gaea 2. The planet is home to a variety of alien wildlife —including highly-intelligent ‘dragons’.  As humanity studies and colonizes the planet, the dragons fight back, pushing the peaceful visitors to the brink of extinction. 

But all is not well on Earth either. One day, all communication with Gaea 2 stops. There are no more supply shipments and contact with their home planet is completely lost. Soon, the people of Earth are presumed dead except for Gaea 2’s scientific and military residents. But the humans won’t go down so easily. Using the research technology they brought with them, they create biological weapons of their own: genetically-engineered embryos that “birth” Earth’s mightiest prehistoric creatures. Programmed to obey their masters and outfitted in protective armor, these terrifying beasts help the humans push back against the dragon attacks while they terraform Gaea 2. Thus saving the human species, but destroying the world’s natural habitats.

With the threat of human extinction seemingly resolved, the colonizers split into factions. Each clan champions its own philosophy about ensuring the long-term survival of humanity. Bitter conflicts erupt leading to power struggles, uneasy alliances, and devastating new technology.

Who will win this new war for Gaea 2? Or will humanity eradicate itself?

Cyberzoic, like Beasts of the Mesozoic, is primarily a line of 1/18th scale prehistoric wildlife action figures featuring a high level of detail and articulation, with designs inspired by our natural world. But Cyberzoic takes the animals to the next level, adding converting armor sets, modular armor weapons, human rider characters, and natural history-inspired Dragons! In addition, several of the armor units are backward compatible with Beasts of the Mesozoic figures of similar size and type. So the Cyberzoic collection isn’t limited to these new offerings- you may have already started one! 

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Pledge Tiers and Add-Ons  For most pledge tiers, you can increase your pledge total to select ‘add-on’ items during the campaign. As stretch goals are unlocked, those items will also be included in the ‘add-ons’ selection options. You may adjust your pledge level, pledge total, or add-on selections at any point throughout campaign. Pledge amounts will be charged after the campaign ends and the project is successfully funded. 

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