Toy Fair 2023: Homies Still Got It!

Born in 1998 as the brainchild of David Gonzales, Homies are two-inch figurines that represent a broad swath of Chicano Mexican American characters. Originally available inside plastic eggs found inside select grocery stores, Homies have been sold in retail packs for years now. This year’s display contained a range of those and larger statues representing key historical figures.

Here, we have Cesar Chavez

The classic-style two-inch figures are just as cool as they ever were!

There are even some figures available in a middle size between the larger statues and the usual two-inch. These give off more of a FunkoPOP! vibe.

As a longtime fan myself, Gonzales was even kind enough to take a picture with me!

If you’re a retailer, get in touch with the Homies crew to stock these at your store. If you’re a collector, add these wonderful, historically important figures to your collection now!

Jonathan Alexandratos is a NYC-based toy writer. They study toys, pop culture, and the intersection of both.

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