Nerf is teaming up with Magic: The Gathering’s experimental sub-brand Secret Lair by bringing Nerf and Magic fans this special edition Nerf blaster! The Nerf LMTD Lightning Lair dart blaster includes 2 exclusive playable Lightning Bolt promo cards. Inspired by the classic art from these cards, the blaster features lightning bolt deco and unleashes a triple-dart blast to duplicate the 3 damagedealt by the Lightning Bolt card. The Lightning Lair blaster includes2 shells that each hold 3 darts. When you fire the blaster, the shell releases all 3 darts simultaneously. The blaster has a break-open barrel to load the shell and a pull-back priming handle. Everything comes in premium packaging that’s perfect for display, if you choose to showcase this bolt of blaster brilliance in your Magic collection instead of breaking it out for Nerf dart outdoor battles. The cards are housed in their own box, which is designed to capture the look of Magic deck boxes. Eyewear recommended (not included). 

Includes: Blaster, 6 darts, 2 shells, 2 cards, and instructions. 

  • NERF AND MAGIC: THE GATHERING COLLABORATION: The Nerf brand has teamed up with Secret Lair, the experimental wing of Magic: The Gathering, to bring this special edition Nerf blaster to Nerf and Magic fans 
  • EXCLUSIVE NERF DART BLASTER: The Lightning Lair blaster is inspired by the Magic: The Gathering Lightning Bolt card, featuring a red color scheme and lightning bolt details 
  • EXCLUSIVE LIGHTNING BOLT CARDS: Includes 2 exclusive Lightning Bolt playable promo cards that show off the classic art in a full-art frame for the first time ever 
  • BREAK-OPEN BARREL: The front of the blaster swings open to load a shell inside 
  • INCLUDES DARTS AND SHELLS: It comes with 6 Nerf Elite foam darts and 2 Nerf shells, which each have a 3-dart capacity 
  • PREMIUM PACKAGING: The Lightning Lair blaster comes in premium packaging designed for display, and the Lightning Bolt cards are packed in their own box that’s styled after Magic deck boxes 
  • NERF LMTD: This premium, special edition, fan-focused line from the Nerf brand brings you some of the most iconic items from movies, video games, and entertainment with premium features and packaging 

Exclusively available on HasbroPulse beginning at 4:00pm ET for Hasbro Pulse Premium members and at 5:00pm ET for all fans!

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