Dungeons & Dragons Bedlam in Neverwinter Game

An Escape & Solve Mystery Game is a riveting 3-part escape room adventure! Join a group of fellow adventurers investigating a series of alarming disappearances in Icewind Dale. The group soon discovers that some of the missing people aren’t actually missing—and a greater mystery is at hand! This harrowing 3-part adventure can be broken into 3 game sessions or played in 1 heroic sitting. Begin by creating your character. Then explore a humble tavern, fight in epic battles against iconic D&D monsters, and embark on a wild chase through the Underdark on the tail of an evil mage and his dangerous cult to unravel the mystery of their dastardly plans. The only way to find the missing people and escape the obstacles is to explore rooms, complete puzzles, and gather clues to solve the mystery at the end of each act. This single-play D&D escape board game for 2-6 players is a great gift for D&D and roleplaying game fans ages 12 and up.Includes 6 plastic figures, 11 gameboards, 4 secret envelopes, 1 mysterious object, 1 d20 die, 1 d6 die, 298 cards, 43 cardboard tokens, and rules.

Dungeons & Dragons Bedlam in Neverwinter Game

Available – September 2023

Retail Price – $33.99

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