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Here comes Ultraman (officially licensed!) Soft Vinyl Chibis!

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Last Bastion Studios is excited to bring to you the legendary world of Ultraman! We’ve teamed up with Tsuburaya Productions for an officially licensed first wave of  3” chibi soft vinyl toys. With your help, we can bring this line of awesome Heros, Kaijus, and Aliens to life!

Who/What is Ultraman?Ultraman is a Japanese superhero media franchise created by Eiji Tsuburaya, the “Father of Tokusatsu.” Debuting in 1966 with Ultra Q and then Ultraman, the franchise has remained one of the world’s most prominent and consistent productions in Japanese media history.  Centered around a fictional alien race of Light Giants from a far-off galaxy, these superheroes have come to Earth to guide humanity and act as protectors of the planet. Bonding with a human host, these beings are the last line of defense against the endless tides of giant monsters and aliens that threaten our world.


Who is Tsuburaya Productions?Tsuburaya Productions is a Japanese special effects studio founded in 1963 by special effects wizard Eiji Tsuburaya. The studio is best known for the creation of classic shows such as Ultraman (and its many sequels), Kaiju Booska and many other spectacular tokusatsu family/children’s shows.

Who is Last Bastion Studios?Wes Allard and Chris Hillseth joined forces in 2017 to create Last Bastion Studios. Founded and located in Los Angeles, CA, Last Bastion Studios is an art house and production studio dedicated to quality craftsmanship, innovative solutions, and imagination. 

Ultraman Chibis

Toy DetailsThe first wave of Ultraman characters will consist of Ultraman, Gabora, and Gomora. We will be producing these figures in soft vinyl at a 3″ scale.  Each Figure will be made available painted or unpainted. The figures will also be offered at a lower price on the Kickstarter as a thank you to our supporters.  The retail and wholesale non-Kickstarter purchase price will be announced in future offerings after the fulfillment of the Kickstarter campaign. Wave 1 Characters:


Ultraman – is an alien from a place called the Land of Light in Nebula M78. He is the first Ultra to visit Earth and defended the planet against Kaiju until he was recalled after his battle with Zetton. Ultraman was given his title by his human host.


Gabora– is an uranium-consuming Kaiju that terrorized several radioactive power plants and consumed everything it could find. Gabora was eventually lured out by Ultraman and defeated.


Gomora– is an ancient dinosaur-like Kaiju species from Earth and was the first Kaiju capable of fighting an Ultra Warrior to a draw. While Gomora is frequently portrayed as a hostile Kaiju, certain incarnations of it are portrayed as comrades to respective protagonists of the series. Gomora is one of the most frequently recurring monsters in the series.
ToyConcept art by Sophie CampbellWe were extremely fortunate to be able to work with some really great artists on this project. Sophie Campbell especially, helped us out tremendously by doing the concept art and technical drawings of the figures. 

Sophie Campbell toy concepts

Toys Sculpts by ChristopherL Hillseth and Kevin Smith. Figure Render Work and reward cards by Brandon Gash

Making the Ultraman Chibi FiguresWe are currently in the finalization process of the production prototypes and have all other production “Ingredients” in place, but making toys can be a costly endeavor and we need just a little help getting these toys across the finish line.  Please back this project or share with any friend that may be interested.TIMELINEDelivery for these figures is planned and targeted for a December 2023 release. If there is overwhelming support for this project the release may be pushed out, due to increased production time, quality control, and the upcoming holiday season. 
RewardsUnpainted Red Soft Vinyl Gabora Figure


Unpainted Red Soft Vinyl Gomora Figure


Unpainted Red Soft Vinyl Ultraman Figure


Painted Soft VinylGabora Figure

Painted Gabora

Painted Soft VinylGomora Figure

Painted Gomora

Painted Soft VinylUltraman Figure

Painted Ultraman

Unpainted RedSoft Vinyl3 Pack

Unpainted 3 Pack

Painted Soft Vinyl3 Pack

Painted 3 Pack

Wholesale UnpaintedRed Soft Vinyl 3 Pack X 10

Wholesale Unpainted 3 Pack X 10

Wholesale Painted 3 Pack X 10

Wholesale Painted 3 Pack X 10
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