Super7 SDCC Godzilla Event Items

The Summer Weather Is Heating Up And Godzilla Is Getting Thirsty…For BLOOD! This 7” Scale, Highly-Articulated SDCC Edition Toho ULTIMATES! Godzilla 1989 Figure Is Inspired By The Iconic 1995 Comic Book Run Godzilla, King Of The Monsters

SDCC Edition Toho ULTIMATES! Godzilla 1989

The summer weather is heating up and Godzilla is getting thirsty...for BLOOD! This 7” scale, highly-articulated SDCC edition Toho ULTIMATES! Godzilla 1989 figure is inspired by the iconic 1995 comic book run Godzilla, King of the Monsters

SDCC Edition Toho ReAction Figure Of Shogun Rodan

This 3.75” Scale, Articulated #SDCC Edition Toho ReAction Figure Of Shogun Rodan Features A Mighty (But Manageable) 7.5” Wingspan As Well As A Unique Dark Red Color, And Box Packaging Inspired By The Vintage Shogun Toys!

This 3.75” scale, articulated #SDCC edition Toho ReAction Figure of Shogun Rodan features a mighty (but manageable) 7.5” wingspan as well as a unique dark red color, and box packaging inspired by the vintage Shogun toys!

The Sun Shines Longest These Summer Days, But Once The Sun Finally Goes Down, The SDCC Edition Toho ReAction Figures Of King Ghidorah And Hedorah Can Light Up The Night With Their Otherworldly Glow! 

The sun shines longest these summer days, but once the sun finally goes down, the SDCC edition Toho ReAction Figures of King Ghidorah and Hedorah can light up the night with their otherworldly glow! 

This 3.75” Scale, Articulated SDCC Edition Toho ReAction Figure Of Godzilla Is Inspired By The Original 1954 Film And Features The King Of The Monsters Snacking On A Series Of Tokyo Train Cars With Window Box Packaging That Depicts The Mighty Monster Emerging From Toyko Bay To Terrorize The City! 

This 3.75” scale, articulated SDCC edition Toho ReAction Figure of Godzilla is inspired by the original 1954 film and features the King of the Monsters snacking on a series of Tokyo train cars with window box packaging that depicts the mighty monster emerging from Toyko Bay to terrorize the city! 

Smog Monster Hedorah Mask

Be the Smog Monster Hedorah for Halloween or every day of the year with the officially licensed #Super7 x Toho retro masks! Made of high quality plastic with an elastic headband and with retro packaging that will remind you of being a child before the Internet. Available at Super7 Booth 2543

SDCC comic book Godzilla, King of the Monsters T-Shirt

This Toho Thirsty for Blood Godzilla t-shirt is inspired by the cover art from the first issue of the comic book Godzilla, King of the Monsters and depicts the misunderstood monster literally dripping with blood as he wreaks a path of death and destruction! Available at Super7 Booth 2543

Toho Rodan t-shirt

Because of its supersonic speed, you’d be lucky to catch a glimpse of the mighty Rodan before experiencing the destruction that quickly follows. This Toho Rodan t-shirt is inspired by those who have yet managed to view the winged monstrosity, but are still left exclaiming its name: “RODAN”

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