The Super7 Super Show Is Coming To San Diego Comic Con! July 19–23!

Here is the Short list to SDCC Super7 Exclusives. Please note the G.I.Joe Exclsuives are over at the San Diego Location not in SDCC itself. As with all the exclusives they are limned and first come first served you never know what will sell out. There is so much cool stuff I am dying here.

The summer weather is heating up and Godzilla is getting thirsty...for BLOOD! This 7” scale, highly-articulated SDCC edition Toho ULTIMATES! Godzilla 1989 figure is inspired by the iconic 1995 comic book run Godzilla, King of the Monsters

The Summer Weather Is Heating Up And Godzilla Is Getting Thirsty…For BLOOD! This 7” Scale, Highly-Articulated SDCC Edition Toho ULTIMATES! Godzilla 1989 Figure Is Inspired By The Iconic 1995 Comic Book Run Godzilla, King Of The Monsters

The SDCC edition Run the Jewels, Meow the Jewels ReAction Figure 2-Pack was inspired by the feline-focused remix album. A portion of the proceeds from sales of this release will be donated to the National Lawyers Guild Mass Defense Program.

The SDCC Edition Run The Jewels, Meow The Jewels ReAction Figure 2-Pack Was Inspired By The Feline-Focused Remix Album. A Portion Of The Proceeds From Sales Of This Release Will Be Donated To The National Lawyers Guild Mass Defense Program.

Super7 has been attending San Diego Comic-Con since 2003! To celebrate we’re bringing some new versions of two of our favorite soft vinyl mascots Mummy Boy and Gator Boy!

Super7 Has Been Attending San Diego Comic-Con Since 2003! To Celebrate We’re Bringing Some New Versions Of Two Of Our Favorite Soft Vinyl Mascots Mummy Boy And Gator Boy!

This articulated 3.75” scale SDCC edition Dungeons & Dragons ReAction Figure of Formidable Fighter was inspired by artwork on the classic Dungeons & Dragons Red Box and comes packaged in a recreation of the original red box! 

This Articulated 3.75” Scale SDCC Edition Dungeons & Dragons ReAction Figure Of Formidable Fighter Was Inspired By Artwork On The Classic Dungeons & Dragons Red Box And Comes Packaged In A Recreation Of The Original Red Box! 

Following the events of Transformers: The Movie, Megatron may be gone, but he is definitely not forgotten! The latest 12” Transformers Super Cyborg Megatron was inspired by the vintage Goodbye Megatron G1 toy that commemorated the character’s demise in Transformers: The Movie. 

Following The Events Of Transformers: The Movie, Megatron May Be Gone, But He Is Definitely Not Forgotten! The Latest 12” Transformers Super Cyborg Megatron Was Inspired By The Vintage Goodbye Megatron G1 Toy That Commemorated The Character’s Demise In Transformers: The Movie. 

Look out, Ninja Turtles fans! Shredder is here to help you cut carbs, whether you like it or not! This SDCC edition Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder ReAction Figure is inspired by the vintage Shredder-in-a-Can mail-in promotion. 

Look Out, Ninja Turtles Fans! Shredder Is Here To Help You Cut Carbs, Whether You Like It Or Not! This SDCC Edition Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder ReAction Figure Is Inspired By The Vintage Shredder-In-A-Can Mail-In Promotion. 

We need Dragonzord Power, now! In celebration of 30 years of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fighting to protect Angel Grove from an array of evil monsters and space aliens, Super7 is excited to introduce the SDCC exclusive 9” tall Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ULTIMATES! Dragonzord in Black & Gold.

We Need Dragonzord Power, Now! In Celebration Of 30 Years Of The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Fighting To Protect Angel Grove From An Array Of Evil Monsters And Space Aliens, Super7 Is Excited To Introduce The SDCC Exclusive 9” Tall Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ULTIMATES! Dragonzord In Black & Gold.

The sun shines longest these summer days, but once the sun finally goes down, the SDCC edition Toho ReAction Figures of King Ghidorah and Hedorah can light up the night with their otherworldly glow! 

The Sun Shines Longest These Summer Days, But Once The Sun Finally Goes Down, The SDCC Edition Toho ReAction Figures Of King Ghidorah And Hedorah Can Light Up The Night With Their Otherworldly Glow! 

This 3.75” scale, articulated SDCC edition Toho ReAction Figure of Godzilla is inspired by the original 1954 film and features the King of the Monsters snacking on a series of Tokyo train cars with window box packaging that depicts the mighty monster emerging from Toyko Bay to terrorize the city! 

This 3.75” Scale, Articulated SDCC Edition Toho ReAction Figure Of Godzilla Is Inspired By The Original 1954 Film And Features The King Of The Monsters Snacking On A Series Of Tokyo Train Cars With Window Box Packaging That Depicts The Mighty Monster Emerging From Toyko Bay To Terrorize The City! 

This 3.75” scale, articulated #SDCC edition Toho ReAction Figure of Shogun Rodan features a mighty (but manageable) 7.5” wingspan as well as a unique dark red color, and box packaging inspired by the vintage Shogun toys!

This 3.75” Scale, Articulated #SDCC Edition Toho ReAction Figure Of Shogun Rodan Features A Mighty (But Manageable) 7.5” Wingspan As Well As A Unique Dark Red Color, And Box Packaging Inspired By The Vintage Shogun Toys!

Wing Kong! The name strikes fear in even the hardest Super7 adventure veterans. Now the rarest and fiercest example of the species has emerged from the jungles of eternity in 3.75” ReAction Figure form especially for SDCC 2023: Tiger Wing Kong!

Wing Kong! The Name Strikes Fear In Even The Hardest Super7 Adventure Veterans. Now The Rarest And Fiercest Example Of The Species Has Emerged From The Jungles Of Eternity In 3.75” ReAction Figure Form Especially For SDCC 2023: Tiger Wing Kong!

Super7, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and summer conventions make a love triangle that everyone can embrace! Inspired by the vintage Power Rangers action figures from the '90s, the SDCC edition MMPR ReAction Figures of Red Ranger, Black Ranger, Yellow Rangers, Pink Ranger, and Blue Rangers all come in special triangle box packaging. 

Super7, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, And Summer Conventions Make A Love Triangle That Everyone Can Embrace! Inspired By The Vintage Power Rangers Action Figures From The ’90s, The SDCC Edition MMPR ReAction Figures Of Red Ranger, Black Ranger, Yellow Rangers, Pink Ranger, And Blue Rangers All Come In Special Triangle Box Packaging. 

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