Vintage Toys Going For Big Dollars in Hake’s Auction 

If you’re looking for a next-level collectible, you aren’t gonna find it at Walmart, or on eBay, or even at most conventions. You’re gonna have to go the auction house route. Fortunately, in this new era of global fandom, the breadth of items coming up to auction on a daily basis is incredible. The new Hake’s auction, ending July 27-28, has a wide variety of graded toys, prototypes and marketing materials up for bidding, at a range of starting prices. Here are some of the expected top earners. 

Transformers Optimus Prime in Error Box (AFA 80)

There’s a lot of note going on with this “error” figure – misprinted graphics, Trademark symbol instead of Registered, light blue trailer supports – but the takeaway is that it’s a high-grade Optimus Prime in box, and therefore worth your time and attention. It’s also expected to reach nearly $50,000! 

Transformers Soundwave & Buzzsaw No Rubsign

(AFA 80+)Wait, what do they mean “no rubsign”? Everyone loves the rubsigns, that’s what let you know whether they were an Autobot or a Decepticon! Why would this not have a – oh. Oh, my. This Soundwave is so old that it’s from before there were rubsigns. IT’S PRE-RUBSIGN! DOES NOT COMPUTE 00110101010111010110101

 Kenner Batman Movie Figure Photo art

Remember in the 1980s and 1990s when school pictures were taken in front of laser artwork? Well, this is the toy industry equivalent, the original photoart of Batman and the Joker from Kenner’s Batman movie toy line. Own two pieces of toy (and Batman) history! 

Super Powers Store Display Header 

With the DC Super Powers toy line back in a big way, the time has never been more opportune to pick up this piece of Super Powers history. A double-sided display header, featuring classic 1980s artwork of most of the major heroes and villains in the line, measuring a whopping 34.5” by 28”! Turn your home into a toy store! You’re halfway there already, right? 

Star Trek: The Next Generation Unproduced Figures

Boldly go where no one has gone beforeand bid on these two unproduced Star Trek TNG figures by Galoob! Wesley Crusher and the Romulan each come packaged on a Picard card, but you’ll own figures no one else has. Warning: You will almost certainly be bidding against Wil Wheaton. 

TMNT Undercover Action Figures

Leonardo and Michelangelo keep it on the DL by wearing trenchcoats and disguises in these two rare vintage releases. Even with all of the TMNT figures shipping to stores nowadays, these old figures are still hard to find! 

GI Joe: A Real American Hero Storm Shadow

(AFA 80) He may be easy to spot now, what with the white ninja outfit, but Storm Shadow is going to vanish like smoke if you don’t get a bid in on this high-grade vintage figure. Because honor demands it! 

GI Joe: A Real American Hero Serpentor

(AFA 80)While Cobra Commander is great and all, you just can’t beat a guy dressed like a snake holding a snake staff and flying a snake hovercraft. Who would YOU want running your snake-themed organization? 

Masters of the Universe Fright Zone Playset

(AFA 80)Take the highway to the Fright Zone and place a bid on this highly sought-after MOTU playset, a favorite hangout of the Evil Horde. You may not be able to manipulate the puppet monster, it being encased in plexiglass, but the fright is still palpable! 

Rocket-Firing Boba Fett L-Slot Prototype

Ah, the rocket-firing Boba Fett, the holy grail of any Star Wars collector. There are many stories about it, but this version was one of the earliest rejected prototypes, an L-slot, meaning there was no lock to keep it from accidentally firing, one of the many safety concerns that ultimately led to its cancellation. A piece of toy history, expected to sell for historical numbers. 

Star Wars Luke Skywalker 12-Back (AFA 85)

Did someone say double-telescoping? Those are the magic words when it comes to vintage Star Wars figures. This DT Luke Skywalker is on a 12-back card from 1978, and it’s got a pretty high grade to boot. Unpunched? No price tags? This sucker is a must-have. 

Star Wars Boba Fett 21-Back-A (AFA 85+)

When you can get the best one of something, why settle for the second-best? According to AFA population reports, this is the highest-graded example of Boba Fett on a rare 21-Back-A (debut) card. Come on, you know you want it. 

Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark Action Figures

If, after seeing Dial of Destiny, you want your memories of the first Indiana Jones movie preserved forever, you may want to dip into savings and pick up one or all of the vintage action figures up for auction, including the rare Arabian Stallion!

 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Prototypes

Did you know they only made three Temple of Doom figures, and there were at least two unproduced figures? Now you can own the Willie Scott and Short Round figures they never made, and the three they did, in hand-painted prototype form!

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