Legends of the Hidden Force! 3 3/4″ Ninja Action Figures Final Days

Our figures have extra articulation added when compared to vintage 1:18th scale figures (such as The Corps!, American Defense, and … others.) namely in the neck and wrists, for extra posability and playability. They will display well with and easily interact with other contemporary 3 3/4″ brands (such as our friends at Strike Force Alpha!), but they’ll fit snugly into any 3 3/4″ or 1:18th scale action figure line. Our team has made many action figures before, so we’re well versed in the ups and downs of action figure production. Pledge with confidence knowing there are action figure veterans at the helm! 

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But first, we need to start at the start. $35,000 gets our initial tooling made, and production underway. At $35,000, we can have Shinobi, Torashi, Obake, and Kyonshii ready to go!

The first 4 figures. Unlocked at $35,000!

Available in singles, or as a starter pack.

Shinobi (Lone Ninja), Rogue, Ex-Sabo Clan. $24 each – Shinobi is the one smart enough, brave enough, or curious enough to start pulling at the threads of Horai. Shinobi is a seeker of the truth, and dedicated to improving the lives of those around him. Includes: 2x Ninjato, Backpack, Handle.

Torashi (Tiger-like). Tiger Technique Ninja, Seichi Clan. $24 – The fierce and loyal confidant of Shinobi’s is a (Tiger) Force to be reckoned with. Includes: 2x Tekko-Kagi.

Obake (The Haunted). Haunted Master, Aka Clan. $24 each – The dark and despotic leader of Aka clan, and the City of Horai’s Daimyo. Includes: 2x Ono.

Kyonshii (Zombie Ghost). Zombie Horde, Aka Clan. $24 each – Obake’s loyal enforcers, these deadly ninja adepts have been trained and patterned after the horrific Jiangshi that lie in wait outside the city gates. The Kyonshii are just as deadly and fearsome as their namesakes – without the supernatural element. Includes: 2x Kama.

Legends of the Hidden Force ‘Starter Pack’. Unlocked at $35,000.

This is it! Your entry into the mystical city of Horai. Our hero, Shinobi and one of his closest friends, Torashi, defend the villagers from the brute force of Obake and the enforcers of his policy and law in the city streets each night, the Kyonshii. Pick any individual for $24 each or take the set of 4 for $95

Badger: Unlocked at $43,000.

Badger. Tactician, Seichi Clan. $24 each – Brilliant war time tactician and strategist. The Badger led the Champions to many victories during the Western War. Includes: Crescent Spear, Conical Hat, Soft Goods Tabard with Belt.

Raiju: Unlocked at $51,000.

Raiju (Lightning Dog Spirit), Kyonshii Trainer, Aka Clan. $24 each – Angry and full of rage, Raiju is desperate to prove himself to Obake, which could make him the most dangerous foe to our heroes. Includes: Throwing Dart.

Kusa: Unlocked at $59,000.

Kusa (Grass). Tai Chi Ninja, Sabo Clan. $24 each – The calm and centered Kusa keeps Shinobi and the group from getting into too much trouble. His wisdom and clarity are often the shining light the group needs. Includes: Scythe.

Furi: Unlocked at $67,000.

Furi (Monkey Ghost), Henchman, Aka Clan. $24 each – The unpredictable and devious Furi is closer to being a pet of Obake’s than one of his retinue. Tread very lightly around Furi. Very lightly. Includes: Kusarigama.

Legends of the Hidden Force ‘Adepts Pack’. Unlocked at $67,000.

Further your adventures in the mystical city by adding two of Obake’s deadliest agents  and 2 of Horai’s loyal defenders.  Add Kusa – another of Shinobi’s fiercest friends to your hero group. Have Torashi team-up with his older, wiser brother – The Badger. Pit Raiju against the one person he seethes with hatred for – the heroic Shinobi! Have Obake and his favorite pet, Furi watch as his Kyonshii attack Kusa unawares! Create your own adventures! All 8 figures for $185

Knock-Out: Unlocked at $75,000.

Knock-Out. Cyborg, Sabo Clan. $24 each.  Injured in the western war, his brethren never speak of how he came home boasting cybernetic enhancements. Includes: Mechanical Backpack, Energy Axe, Energy Mace, Energy Ninjato.

Kudan: Unlocked at $83,000.

Kudan (Bull-Man). Enforcer, Aka Clan. $24 each – Angry, resilient, unstoppable. Cares deeply for his brethren, but rarely for anyone else. Kudan makes up in heart what he lacks in smarts.  Includes: Bull Club.

Omen: Unlocked at $91,000.

Omen. Clairvoyant, Aka Clan. $24 each – Omen is the perfect ninja. Dedicated, honorable, persistent, deadly. His connection to the spirit world gives him a slight edge too. Includes: Backpack, Tekko-Kagi, Ninjato, Bow, Arrow.

Daito: Unlocked at $99,000.

Daito (Sword). Master Swordsman, Sabo Clan. $24 each – The calm and centered master swordsman, Daito is wise and philosophical beyond his years. Includes: Katana, Backpack, Sai.

Legends of the Hidden Force ‘Experts Pack’. Unlocked at $99,000.

The intrigue magnifies! Have Omen and Kudan confront their tyrant master Obake. Allow Shinobi to learn from the master swordsman, Daito. Pit the cyber-ninja, Knock-out against the feral Furi! Depict The Badger sharing his tactical prowess with like-minded Kusa. Square off Raiju and the Kyonshii against the bombastic Torashi! The choice is up to you – you control the battlefield!   

This is the All-in set of all 12 figures for $270 

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