Barbie Releases First-Ever Chelsea Doll with Scoliosis

The Barbie brand is known for offering the most inclusive doll portfolio on the market – and this year, the brand continues to make strides to further inclusivity in the doll line for Chelsea, Barbie’s little sister who is core to the Barbie world, by introducing a Chelsea doll with Scoliosis.

With over 100,000 children diagnosed with scoliosis each year in the U.S,* the new doll – featuring curvature in the spine and a removable back brace – was made to be reflective of what kids are seeing around them, helping to normalize back braces for children who may wear them and encouraging children who don’t wear back braces to celebrate the importance of inclusion. To ensure the accuracy of the doll, Barbie worked closely with Board Certified Neurosurgeon and specialist in children’s complex spinal disorders Dr. Luke Macyszyn, who provided counsel throughout the development of the Chelsea doll with Scoliosis. 

  •  The 6-inch Chelsea doll with Scoliosis is wearing a pink dress with matching pink back brace, white shoes, and has her long brunette hair styled in waves.
  • ●  Chelsea is Barbie’s 7-year-old little sister and the youngest of the Roberts sisters. She made her debut in 2011 and helps our younger consumers imagine stories that connect them to ‘real world’ play through humor and nurturing in a small doll scale. Similar to her sister

Barbie, Chelsea also has her own world including a house, camper, and car! Chelsea also loves imagining herself in various careers like her sister Barbie such as a pilot, doctor, pop star and more.

● The Chelsea doll with scoliosis is the latest addition to the Chelsea doll line, which features dolls of a wide range of backgrounds, styles, and abilities, including the Chelsea doll with a wheelchair. The diversity within the Chelsea line is part of our goal to expand inclusion in the doll aisle for children across the globe and allow children with different appearances and abilities to see themselves in play.

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