Frame Arms Gigantic Arms Dark Bird Modeling Support Goods Model Kit

The legendary Dark Bird is back as a Gigantic Arms kit!

The Gigantic Arms 07 Lucifer’s Wing’s Harpy Unit is now available on its own in a brand new color! The armor parts are of a black with a blue tinge coloring and the frame parts are of a gun metallic coloring which are both used within the Hexa Gear series. This color scheme allows users to easily interchange parts with the Hexa Gear series with no extra painting required. The model can be reconfigured into Beast Mode or Humanoid Mode. The back of the Beast Mode features a grip to board Frame Arms Girl or Megami Device models.

The blades of the feather units on the Dark Bird Unit are made of clear purple material and are poseable and extendable. Each feather unit is equipped with a 3mm connection joint, allowing them to be used with other model kits such as those from the Frame Arms and Hexa Gear lines. Each piece of the included Gigaslash Edge greatsword can be opened, altering the weapon’s shape and appearance. Reconfiguring parts with the Frame Arms Gigantic Arms Bicorn M.S.G. Model Kit (separately sold) creates a power suit.
All other model kits, figures, and accessories are not included.

Frame Arms Gigantic Arms Dark Bird Modeling Support Goods Model Kit

Available – August 2023

Retail – $69.99

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