Voltron ULTIMATES! Wave 3 Defender Of The Universe Galaxy Black Final Day

One look at its imposing black and gold colorway and you know that this Voltron means business! Inspired by vintage Japanese die-cast robots, this 7” scale highly articulated Galaxy Black Voltron ULTIMATES! figure features an exclusive black and metallic gold color scheme, includes interchangeable hands along with Blazing Sword and shield accessories, and comes packaged in a collector-friendly deluxe slipcase style box with gold foil accents. Lord Zarkon, Prince Lotor, and Witch Haggar will think twice before trying to tangle with this version of Voltron, but we know you won’t hesitate to add the made-to-order Galaxy Black Voltron ULTIMATES! figure to your collection!

Elvira Vinyl Soda Figure – Entertainment Earth Exclusive

Voltron ULTIMATES! Wave 3Defender Of The Universe Galaxy Black

  • Accessories
    • 4x Interchangeable hands
      • 2x Lion hands
      • 2x Open mouth Lion hands
    • 1x Blazing Sword
    • 1x Shield

Available – September 2022

Retail – $55

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Voltron: Defender of the Universe Voltron Robo-DOU Action Figure: 

From the extremely popular 80’s anime Voltron: Defender of the Universe, comes the classic combinable mecha, Voltron! The Voltron: Defender of the Universe Voltron Robo-DOU Action Figure is designed to achieve a wide range of articulation and combining functions while maintaining the robot’s iconic retro aesthetic. Accurately simulating its appearance on-screen, Voltron is a non-scale, fully articulated action figure standing approximately 10 1/2-inches tall.

Voltron features a remarkable die-cast metal frame and an impressive metallic finish. Voltron is composed of five Lion mecha that can be displayed on their own or combined to form Voltron! A unique set of weapons is included for each Lion, as well as weapons for Voltron mode.

All five Lion mecha are fully articulated with zinc alloy and metal parts for the movable joints. When combined, the five Lion mecha figures utilize 124 points of articulation (Black Lion: 34 points of articulation, Red Lion: 25 points of articulation, Green Lion: 25 points of articulation, Yellow Lion: 20 points of articulation, Blue Lion: 20 points of articulation).

  • Five Lion mecha combine!
  • Unique weapons for each Lion and Voltron!
  • Over 10 1/2-inches tall.
  • 124 total points of articulation.
  • Die-cast metal parts.

This Voltron: Defender of the Universe Voltron Robo-DOU Action Figure includes the following:

Voltron mode weapons:
Blazing Sword
Spinning Laser Blade with Handle

Black Lion weapons:
Mouth Blade
Rotary Cannons

Red Lion weapons:
Mouth Blade
Plasma Flash Cannon
Lava Cannon

Green Lion weapons:Mouth Blade
Laser Cannon
Shooting Star

Yellow Lion weapons:
Mouth Blade
Dual Shoulder Blockbuster Turrets
Radial Shotgun Blaster

Blue Lion weapons: 
Mouth Blade
Triple Barrel Mortar Cannon
Shoulder Cannon

Available – October 2022

Retail – $299.99

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