Boss Fight Studios Presents Popeye Classics Figures

Well Blow Me Down!”

Everyone’s favorite Sailor Man and his crew are finally coming to highly articulated figure form! Drawing inspiration from the classic Segar comic strips, these figures are sure to delight all the Popeye fans! These 1:12 scale figures stand between 4-6 inches depending on character. Each figure is sold separately and is available for purchase from BigBadToyStore for $34.99. Just click on the link below the character images to get yours today! These figures are shipping Q4 2021. I think these are really beautifully painted and sculpted. They have the same sort of integrity that the Blitzway Inspector Gadget set has. Although I’m realizing now that Castor Oyl (very cute, right? Makes you poop and puke?) is not Wimpy. Give us that round Burger Boy! I bet if Popeye was still going today we would have a fancy-style attractive foil to Olive named Coconut or Avocado Oyl. It has a higher smoking point, you know.

Popeye Classics Popeye Figure

Popeye Classics Olive Oyl Figure

Popeye Classics Bluto Figure

Popeye Classics Castor Oyl Figure

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