Haslab HEROSCAPE AGE OF ANNIHILATION Vanguard Edition Final Day

You are back on the remote planet of Valhalla, a once peaceful world now torn apart by evil. Dynastic rulers known as Valkyrie are fighting to control the wellsprings, mystical fountains that bestow mighty powers – but can also bring on the curse of frightening visions of total destruction. Esoteric warriors from across time and space battle for power and glory. Will they save their world, or face utter annihilation?

HEROSCAPE: AGE OF ANNIHILATION transports you to the next era of the popular expandable miniature wargaming system. It includes stunningly detailed miniatures that allow you to create your own rich world. Using modular tiles, you build sprawling battlefields on which to play out battles between powerful and unconventional factions pulled not only from Earth but also from other planets across the galaxy.

The game features:


  • 71 finely detailed miniatures, in molded colors that denote their affiliations.
  • 50 army cards, providing game rules for your miniatures.
  • An expandable hex-based modular tile terrain system, including 74 base pieces and 68 wall terrain pieces, 9 jungle terrain pieces, with which you can build varied, multilevel landscapes for your battles.
  • 5 original factions designed for this game, each with unique skills and strategies. Play as the Dryan Lifeborne Order, the Nemesis War Brood, the Dawn Raider Syndicate, the Clockwork Combine, or the Ironclad Collective!
  • Customizable armies in which each figure is given a point value, allowing you to choose which units to include in your army to suit your own playstyle.
  • 20 game scenarios specially created for AGE OF ANNIHILATION.

Every component of this incredible game system is fully backward- and forward-compatible.  

This crowdfunded project will run from October 1, 2022, to 11:59pm ET on November 15, 2022. If successful, the project will begin shipping around Fall 2023.

Available – Fall 2023.

Retail – $249.99

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Throughout the campaign, special HeroScape content will be unlocked as backer milestones are reached. You will get some of the most iconic characters of HeroScape – its bravest heroes and most ruthless villains.

Sgt. Drake Alexander: Unlocked at 10k backers

A veteran hero of many battles, Sgt. Drake Alexander was brought to Valhalla by Jandar and has proven time and time again to be one of the most brave and noble warriors. Now Drake soars through the air thanks to the Zetacron’s tech upgrade.

Sonlen: Unlocked at 12k backers

The mighty archmage and his dragon companion return! Once a formidable pairing in the service of Ullar, Sonlen now rides to battle on the back of his grown-up dragon companion.

Q-11: Unlocked at 14k backers

Vydar has brought yet another Q killing machine to Valhalla. Q-11 is the latest model to come from an implacable line of death machines, armed with weapons of destruction all over its mechanical frame.

Shiori: Unlocked at 15k backers

A ninja warrior who has experienced countless battles across Valhalla, Shiori is back with a vengeance. As silent as the night and as deadly as the blade, her Ninjitsu Mastery special attacks allow her to attack multiple times.

Raelin: Unlocked at 16k backers

Once known as Raelin the Merciful, the Valorous, or the Kindhearted, the hero we once heralded has vanished, only to be replaced by a cruel and merciless disciple of Utgar. Riding to battle on a massive, winged war lion clad in steel, Raelin brings only despair to those who face her.

DRYAN LIFEBORNE ORDER – mystical weavers of the magical energy of both life and death.

Dwellers in the dark forests for countless eons, the Dryan are one with the spirits of nature and the etheric beasts who also call these ancient quiet places home. Masters of the arcane, they weave spells to harness the life forces infused in the anima of the forest creatures who surround them. Though few in number, the Dryan magi bolster the ranks of their armies by calling on those creatures to unleash a ferocious feral rage upon their enemies.

Xenithrax the Soulweaver

Marachott, Mind Whisperer

Ewashia, Mistress of Tides

Girushia, Grove Keeper

Haluchott, Corruptor of Beasts

Halushia, Scion of the Wild

Onshu the Welkineye

Chana the Zenithwing

Kita the Springrunner

Raakchott, Desecrator of Death

Vrono the Brambletoth

NEMESIS WAR BROOD – skilled and strategic bioengineered insectoid warriors.

The NEMESIS WAR BROOD have evolved over millennia of constant assault on their home planet into a skilled martial culture. Their crude appearance belies a shrewd and highly advanced intelligence and disciplined battle strategy that have allowed them to protect themselves from their enemies and uphold their society. The units in which they live are kept hidden from outsiders, and it is believed that the members of the War Brood who are encountered on Valhalla are part of a specialized warrior caste who expertly employ the most sophisticated military tactics on the battlefield.

Oathbound Legionnaires

Oathbound Phalanx

Festering Honor Guard

Queen Maladrix the Conqueror

DAWN RAIDER SYNDICATE, fiercely independent mercenaries who feed on both the spoils of war and the challenge of battle.

Led by a charismatic council of captains, the members of the Dawn Raider Syndicate answer to no Valkyrie, refusing to pledge allegiance to any of Valhalla’s warring factions. A disparate group driven by their own personal motivations, they work for whichever side pays them more. Often first found lurking in the shadows of an advance, they engage hard, make their impact felt, and fight like madmen.

Crimson Widow

Fia Bonny, the Void Siren

First Officer Bok-Bur-Na

Admiral EJ 1-M

Exiles of the Sundered Sea

Dreadnauts of New Tortuga

Dorim the Bulkhead Brawler

Knaves of the Silver Scimitar

Cornelius Breech, the Derelict Prince

Kilian Vane III

CLOCKWORK COMBINE, a diverse peace-loving society forced to embrace war.

The Clockwork Combine is a pluralistic culture born in pacifism and pragmatism, who have by necessity had to learn the techniques and principles of war in order to save themselves from total extinction. Clever and intelligent, the members of the Combine – farmers and artists as well as engineers and scientists – came together to develop amazing technologies that allowed them to deploy troops quickly, manage aggressive aerial insertions, repair equipment while under attack – and ultimately triumph in battle.

Air Marshal Zed Nesbitt

Imperator Kayne

Wing Commander Tuck Harrigan

Vorid Glide Strikers

Vorid Burrowbreaker

Knight Primus Adelbern

Knight Adjutor Oberon

Ordo Borealis

Frostclaw Paladins

IRONCLAD COLLECTIVE, cold, calculating soldiers who employ sophisticated cybernetics to play the game of war.

The Ironclad Collective wage war using the precise logic of their data cogitators and the hard steel of their weapons systems. Over generations they have focused relentlessly on perfecting their methods of destruction. Every battlefield movement is calculated, every strategy is dissected before the first shots are fired. Members of the Collective reflect their harsh and unsentimental philosophies of war in grotesque death masks that trigger nightmarish fear and despair in their enemies – surely among the cruelest of psychological terror tactics.

Iron Lich Viscerot

Hellforge Mandukor

Necrotech Wraithriders

Introducing these brave Kyrie warriors

Some are good and some are evil. But all are skilled soldiers.








Modular terrain for ultimate flexibility

HeroScape features a unique terrain-creation system that allows for an infinitely expandable battlefield using rocks, sand, water, ruins, trees, and other realistic types of landscape. Tiles of different sizes can be connected and stacked on top of each other to expand not only the base area of the war zone but its height as well. Best of all, the design of the battlefield will affect the game! Units can gain bonuses or penalties based on differences in terrain height, and the types of terrain may influence unit movement and more.

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