BBTS Exclusives Introducing the 9 to 5 Warriors Action Figures! 

Introducing 9 to 5 Warriors. An exciting new toyline created for the kids that never grew up. Offering 10 unique characters that are perfect for your cubicle or home office. 

The 9 to 5 Warriors are available for a limited time through Big Bad Toy Store. Join the battle with Major Eraser and the Water Cooler Commandos as they keep the peace. Or wreak havoc alongside Colonel Custard and the Break Room Bandits. Choose your side as these two forces clash over Total Office Domination! 

Once you punch out… they come punchin’ in!

Available – 3rd Quarter 2023

Retail – $24.99

9 to 5 Warriors 
Major Eraser Figure

As leader of the Water Cooler Commandos, Major Eraser must remain unfazed when the sheets hit the fan and the battle goes into overtime. He’s a natural leader who never wavers from doing what is right, and that’s the challenge. An eraser can rub itself out of existence trying to fix every mistake it comes across. He and the Water Cooler Commandos take the fight into after hours and will stop at nothing to prevent Custard’s campaign for total office domination.

9 to 5 Warriors Colonel Custard Figure 

Don’t let his rainbow sprinkles fool you, Colonel Custard’s heart is colder than the frappe originally ordered with him. After all, being tossed away after just one bite will do that to a donut. Custard was the first to realize the power of Jensei, the Japanese energy drink that created them all, and the life source to keep his jelly core contained. Now he is out for vengeance on every wasteful employee of McMillan Agency. He will stop at nothing to raise an army of the half-eaten Break Room Bandits to take over the whole wide office.

9 to 5 Warriors Brigadier 
Bounce E. Figure

As the comedic relief of the group, Bouncy doesn’t usually get the respect he deserves, sure he might sound an alarm or two with his belches, but he’s always the first and last to leave a battle… usually followed by explosions. With his rubber exterior he can bounce high above the enemy and deflect most rounds. Although his laid back temperament might steer missions into unforeseen circumstances, he’s more than capable to handle the Bandits and is a valuable supply to the Commandos.

9 to 5 Warriors 
Commodore Crisps Figure

This short stack of terror is as evil and sneaky as they get. His ability to split into multiple minions allows him to be in more places at once, and sneak around the Commandos military zones. He’s the backbone of communication for the bandits, what one minion sees another can relay instantly. Unfortunately for the bandits his lack of stability makes him a hard soldier to rely on.

9 to 5 Warriors 
Corporal Can Figure

While Corporal Can typically isn’t on the front line of battle, he’s still a crucial piece of the commando unit. Always keeping a watchful eye on the bandits, knowing their every move with his band of nutty spies.  Originally part of the Bandit legion, he walked away to join the Commandos after hearing Custard’s evil plans. Now he’s the communication specialist for Major Eraser and the gang keeping them in-sync for coordinated attacks.

9 to 5 Warriors 
Lieutenant Lead Figure

As Major Erasers right hand man, Lieutenant Lead is the perfect supply for the job. Don’t be fooled by his eraser head, there’s nothing dull about him. He’s as sharp as a tack and will even use one if he has to. He’s quick on his feet and even better at aiming. He stems for the same pencil as his brother Number two, but their broken ends will never unite again.

9 to 5 Warriors 
Number 2 Figure

Unlike his brother Lieutenant Lead, Number 2 lacks discipline and respect for authority. Although he’s an office supply at first look, he’s at rotten as the food that surrounds him. He left the Commandos as soon as is efforts to overthrow Major Eraser failed. He now lurks in the darkness, rarely following Custards orders and waiting for the chance to take what he thinks he deserves.

9 to 5 Warriors 
Sergeant Spore Figure

Rising from the bottom of the trash comes Sergeant Spore; the brute force behind the Bandits, his super strength helps them get most jobs done with ease. Enforcing Custard’s every demand without question, okay maybe a few questions. After all his specialty is crunching bones not numbers.

9 to 5 Warriors Tech 
Sergeant Scotchy Figure

The Commandos are only as strong as the glue that binds them, but in this case it’s Scotchy’s tape that holds most of them and their vehicles together. While his kooky demeanor might lead you to believe one thing, he’s quite the genius. He can build the ultimate war machine out of some scraps and strips. He’s a fan of repelling and heights or anything that gets his “heart” rolling. He is designed to dispense standard issue tape rolls.*

9 to 5 Warriors 
Specialist Sugar Figure

Don’t let her appearances fool you this beauty is a beast. Her ability to shift into practically any object makes her not only dangerous but Colonel Custard’s go-to gal and most trusted officer. With Her by his side the duo seem unstoppable, her temperament is short and witty, keeping even the other bandits at bay. When the battle begins you better hope the Commandos can dissolve her fast.

9 to 5 Warriors 
Comic Book

Be the first to own Issue #1 of the 9 to 5 Warriors Saga! Continue the battle off screen and into your hands with the 9 to 5 Warriors comic book. Relive the story of how it all began through 24 pages of beautifully illustrated office warfare done by Michael Anderson!

9 to 5 Warriors Warri-O’s 
Hobby Pack Wax Pack

Craving more action!? Then take a bite outta this!

The 9 to 5 Warri-O’s hobby pack set contains 5 individually wrapped Wax Packs per box. That’s a battle in every bite! This awesome creation isn’t just part of a complete breakfast, it’s also the perfect way to start your 9 to 5 collection! Each Wax Pack include 6 trading cards and were created using the same old school machinery originally used by trading card companies like TOPPS and UPPER DECK. Each deck is hand sorted and hand packed and is made right here in the USA! Make sure to collect all 28 of the 9 to 5 Warriors 1st Series.

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