Iron Studios bring news in the final stage of the Porsche Cup!

This weekend, November 11th, 12th, and 13th, the last stage of the Porsche Cup 2022 Season will take place at Interlagos Circuit, and, for our last Grand Prix, our car number 16, driven by pilot Renan Pizii, who always innovates in the looks of his cars in every race (we already had Jurassic Park and He-Man) will get an exceptionally unprecedented layout with elements from Residiuum, a completely unique license that Iron Studios have been creating and developing for more than 2 years, and that now starts being revealed to the public, appearing for the first time in this special weekend of the Grand Prix Brazil. In the car hood, we have an amazing illustration of Coral, the main character of the story, and the monsters that decorate the entire car side are the friendly Boogie Bears! Soon, more information and details will be revealed during the CCXP22 Comic Con Experience (from December 1st to December 4th). Have you ever been afraid of something really cute? So, get ready to meet Residiuum!

And the Porsche car of the pilot Léo Sanchez will bring the special layout of “Joy”, a brand created in a partnership between EMS and Iron Studios, that introduces a new line of cosmetics and personal hygiene products targeted to children and early teens audiences, incorporating the themes of the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World franchises and the know-how of both companies to create a completely new bath experience to younger people. Don’t miss it!

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