Magic: The Gathering Chandra Pyromancer’s Gauntlet Roleplay Collectible

An inferno is just a gesture away.

Chandra Nalaar: the Planeswalker with an incredible control over Fire. This premium Gauntlet brings the power of Fire to your hands. Modeled after the Artifact card from Magic: The Gathering, it features multiple electronic effects to simulate Chandra’s powers, including lights, sounds, and misting effects.

Tap into the power of Fire with the Pyromancer’s Gauntlet from Hasbro.

Magic: The Gathering Chandra Pyromancer’s Gauntlet Roleplay Collectible

  • A wearable gauntlet inspired by the one worn by the iconic Planeswalker Chandra from Magic: The Gathering.
  • Features lights, sounds, and misting action to simulate Chandra’s fire abilities
  • Premium packaging with a unique design inspired by concept art from the world of Magic
  • Includes a playable retro reprint of Pyromancer’s Gauntlet

Includes: gauntlet, stand, refill bottle, 3 pairs of gloves, 3 replacement wicks, 1 Magic Card (Pyromancer’s Gauntlet reprint), and instructions.

Ages 14 and up

Available – September 1st 2023

Retail – $299.99

Hasbro Pulse Link

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