Masters Of The Universe Trap Jaw Legends Maquette by Tweeterhead

Tweeterhead presents the new Trap Jaw “Legends” Maquette! Evil and armed for combat, this cyborg with a deadly bite is here to wreak havoc on Eternia with the rest of Skeletor’s henchmen! 

This new Trap Jaw Maquette measures roughly 20” tall, 11.5” wide and 12.75” deep when fully assembled – from the bottom of the base to the top of his helmet, to the furthest out points on the base. 

This fully sculpted polyresin statue comes with an insane amount of deadly detail in all his reimagined glory! We wanted to make him look deadly not just in combat, but even just by touching him you could fall to this Evil Warrior! 

Armed with his spiked helmet and his indestructible crushing jaw, meticulously sharp armor, an intricate and multi-purpose robotic arm held on by ratchet straps, a belt of power tools, spiked knee pads, and sharp jagged metal bits throughout… All this combined just makes for the most deadly Trap Jaw one could hope for! 

With Trap Jaw standing atop his Snake Mountain themed base, this Wizard of Weapons will match perfectly with other Evil-Warriors from the “Legends” line, like our Mer-Man and our soon to be released, Skeletor!!! 

This is an all-inclusive “Collectors Edition” – It comes with two different portraits – one more modern with a spiked-helmet, and one more classic with a round handle style helmet. It also comes with two different mechanical arms – one a more modern take on his blaster, and one a more classic take with his hook. With all these parts there are 3 main different ways you can display your Trap Jaw! 

This Maquette will have an Edition Size TBD, will retail for $655 USD, and is ready for preorder exclusively at NOW! 

Artist Credits: Gio Nakpil (Design & Sculpt), Amilcar Fong (Sculpt), Kucharek Brothers (Design), Nate Baertsch (Design), David Igo (Design), Ariel Mora Remis (Sculpt), Liz Maggie (Paint), Scott Zillner (Paint)

Trap Jaw Legends Maquette by Tweeterhead

Available – Oct 2023 – Dec 2023

Retail – $655

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