30th Anniversary Ronin Warriors Ryo of Wildfire Figure By Sentinel Reissue

Back by popular demand, Sentinel is proud to re-release Ryo of the Wildfire (Rekka no Ryo), 
the leader of the Ronin Warriors, the debut figure that kicked off Sentinel’s popular Chou-Dan-Kadou Yoroi Den Ronin Warriors line. 

Ronin Warriors is a 90s anime that we (mostly) remember fondly. I’d bet you remember the show more than its toy line at Kay Bee Toy Stores, where you had a fixable body figure encased in rigid Samurai armor. Back then, it was called Samurai Troopers. For the 30th anniversary of Ronin Warriors in Japan, fans are getting the main character Ryo redone head to toe by one of our favorite manufactures, Sentinel. 


Celebrating the 30th anniversary of “Ronin Warriors” (Yoroiden Samurai Troopers), Sentinel presents a stunning high-end action figure of Ryo Sanada and his Wildfire armor!

The name of the action figure line, “Chodankado,” roughly translates to “super poseable,” which gives you a good idea of what to expect from this figure. Ryo features many points of articulation, which function with or without his Wildfire armor equipped. Wildfire comes in pieces that can be snapped on to Ryo’s subarmor, or which can be displayed in the decoration pose from its summoning sequence using the provided frame.

Ryo’s Swords of Wildfire (Rekka Ken) can be attached at the hilts for the configuration used in his Flare Up Now (Soen-Zan) attack, or used separately to create memorable battle poses from the anime.


  • Optional wrist parts x2 (1 left, 1 right)
  • Optional expression parts x3
  • Swords of Wildfire (Rekka Ken) x2
  • Connecting parts for Flare Up Now (Soen-Zan)
  • Pedestal frame
  • [Size]: 16.5cm tall
    [Material]: ABS, PVC, PA, POM, magnet

Available – November 2023

Retail – $173.99

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Order at HLJ HERE!

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