Fisher-Price & Ted Lasso Are Coming For Victory

Fisher-Price is ready for gameday! The brand, in collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, is proud to introduce its newest set of football stars, on and off the pitch, the Ted Lasso Little People Collector set! AFC Richmond fans, it’s time to lace up your boots and grab your jersey, because you better BELIEVEthis Little People Collector set is guaranteed to score a goal. 

First introduced in 2019, the Little People Collectors Line is part of Fisher-Price’s continued expansion into the world of superfan, mashing up the iconic Little People form-factor with entertainment, pop culture and sports icons. 

Launching today, the figure pack celebrates the laughs that Ted Lasso and the AFC Richmond gang have brought into our homes ahead of the third season on Apple TV+. 

·       Celebrating Ted Lasso: Ted Lasso has become so much more than a football coach, even if he started off not even being a real one anyways. Recently leading all comedy series with 20 Emmy® nominations for its second season, this show has continued to captivate and excite audiences, far beyond traditional football fans. 

·       About the Set: This set includes six characters from the show that have stolen our hearts (and screen time)! The dream team includes Rebecca Welton, Keeley Jones, Coach Beard, Roy Kent, Sam Obisanya – and of course – the always positive, mustache-bearing, head coach Ted Lasso himself. 

·       About the Packaging: Ted once said, “I do love a locker room. Smells like potential.” Well, Fisher-Price could smell the potential of “easter eggs” hidden throughout the set. There are ten+ little surprises hidden all over this pack – can you find them all?  

ABOUT THE PACK OF TEAM PLAYERS: Though told to “Be a goldfish,” Fisher-Price, in collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, guarantees that they have not forgotten any details when creating these adored characters’ 2.5-inch figures. 

·       Ted Lasso wears his classic navy AFC Richmond sweater over a collared shirt, paired with signature khaki pants.  

o   His footwear? Those are his signature red matchday sneakers because when “you see a fella rocking these and you know he means business.” And who could forget his iconic mustache? 

·       Rebecca Welton is sporting an eggplant suit, in reference to Ted’s quote: “Being a role model’s a huge deal. Don’t you realize that there’s probably a little girl out there somewhere rocking a tiny eggplant-colored power suit, and she’s just dreaming about becoming a sports executive someday.” 

o   In her hand, she holds a signature pink box of the delicious biscuits Ted bakes her. 

·       Keeley Jones has her hair in her signature high and tight ponytail, accessorizing with big hoop earrings and pink pumps. She has her cell phone in her hand, given she is always on it as a social media guru and the promoter of Bantr, a popular dating app which sponsors AFC Richmond.  

o   On her phone, there is a Fisher-Price Little People lion and panda, relating back to when Keeley asks Ted and Rebecca if they’d rather be a lion or a panda. 

·       Coach Beard has on the traditional AFC Richmond warm-up tracksuit. In his hand, he holds the clipboard, being the man with the plan – always! 

·       Roy Kent wears the black AFC Richmond jersey uniform. On top of this, you can practically hear him groan, “Oy!” from the surly look on his figurine’s face. 

·       Sam Obisanya sports the classic AFC Richmond game uniform with a soccer ball in hand. In true Sam fashion, his figurine has a big smile, mirroring the player’s positive, can-do attitude.

Available – September 2022

Retail – $29.99

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