Hot Wheels Partners with Skateboard Legend Tony Hawk to Introduce First-ever Skate Toy Line

EL SEGUNDO, Calif., July 27, 2022 — Today, Hot Wheels is introducing its first-ever fingerboard line, Hot Wheels Skate™, in partnership with legendary skateboarder and entrepreneur, Tony Hawk. The Hot Wheels brand continues to grow and expand with its latest introduction into the fingerboard space, bringing unique products to new fans while also creating an inclusive line for a variety of experience levels.  

“We’re thrilled to enter the fingerboard category with Hot Wheels Skate,” said Ted Wu, VP of Vehicles Design, Mattel. “Our team had a blast applying our Hot Wheels design expertise to a whole new area of play. Hot Wheels continues to find fresh ways to bring fans into the brand by igniting their challenger spirit in innovative ways.” 

The brand partnered with Tony Hawk with the mission to make fingerboarding more accessible and to inspire fingerboarders of all levels to skate the impossible with no rules or limits. Created for fingerboarders of all levels, the line will feature shoes that clip onto the boards so that even the youngest skaters can execute stunts they wouldn’t be able to on a regular fingerboard. Experienced fingerboarders can show off their skills without the shoes.

While other product lines include true-to-life recreations of real skateboards and skatepark playsets that mirror the real world, Hot Wheels aimed to create products that are not bound by realism and that give a fantastical spin on the sport. The Hot Wheels Skate line features a wide range of fingerboards with unique designs created by the Hot Wheels design team in collaboration with Tony Hawk as well as replications of some of Tony’s most famous board designs. The line will also include out of this world skatepark playsets that will feature giant piranhas, roller coasters and donuts. The Fingerboard and Shoe Assortments and Hot Wheels Skate playsets are being launched exclusively at Walmart stores and on starting in August.

“I’m excited to finally introduce this epic new line of fingerboards in collaboration with Hot Wheels,” said Tony Hawk, “these products were created for Fingerboarders of all experience levels to master tricks, working their way up from a kickflip to creating their own cool, never been done, combinations.” 

In addition, Hot Wheels and Tony collaborated to create a limited-edition Birdhouse life-size skateboard deck. The 100 boards will be signed by Tony and are designed to reflect his personal router template. Each deck will also include a matching Hot Wheels Skate fingerboard. The Wildfire Freestyle Deck and Fingerboard will be exclusively sold on starting at $350. 

To give back to the skating community, Hot Wheels will be donating to Tony’s signature charity, The Skate Park Project. This non-profit helps underserved communities across America create safe and inclusive skateparks for kids of all ages. For more info on The Skatepark Project:

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