G.I.Joe Roundtable Report

Some new information came out of this roundtable. After each media outlet said basically the same thing wow great job on that HISS tank Haslab. We where able to collectively squeeze some new information out of Emily and Lenny.

Next two G.I.joe Classified Revels

Dreadnok Ripper

Classic Firefly

This was great news for those that did not like the Cobra Island Firefly. It shows they are really really listing to the fans and even said so in the talks about reading everything the good and the bad and taking what they can to try and I really elaborate on that try to make the fans happy. This new Firefly will be all new sculpts and hinted at back to basics classic looks for the figure. Dreanoks well known for being a favorite of Lennys. Is just something that was not only needed but about time to start getting them going. What is Cobra without a renegade mercenary biker gang.

No Sales at SDCC Comic Con

Hasbro and Hasbro Pulse have had one of the most wanted booth spaces for years to get your SDCC exclusives. That won’t be the case for 2022. They will have items for sale only at Hasbro Pulse online this includes Sgt Slaughter.

Haslab HISS Tank

Here the updates are a bit harder to get out of them however. One great bit of new information was that this Hiss tank would be once made and done but not all HISS tanks and for that there is a lot of different ones available. So my comment on not being able to get a Crimson HISS tank is not so much of a pipe dream and more more of just a matter of time. The HISS tank has officially broke the Haslab record for quickest fully funded project. So we can expect more Classified Haslabs down the road and more vehicles in mass market as they ca see the demand.

All and all some great stuff I am sure I missed a couple of things so check out everyone else reviews of this as well.

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