Tomy crowd-funding Prestige Select Star Trek NCC-1701 U.S.S. Enterprise

TOMY has announced a new collaboration with Paramount to develop a number of Star Trek products, starting with a limited edition highly-detailed 1/350 scale premium die-cast U.S.S. Enterprise model from The Original Series. Made of 90% die-cast metal, the model includes precision detailing and decorations with over 70 LED lights and a premium stand with collector packaging. The Enterprise model measures 32″ and weighs almost 20 lbs.

TOMY designers worked with modeler and Star Trek consultant Gary Kerr, who consulted on the 2016 Smithsonian restoration project for the original Enterprise model. “This model represents the culmination of my 30+ years of research and data related to the studio model,” said Kerr. “The saucer separation capability, designed with input from well-known starship designers, sets this model apart from all previous efforts. The level of detail, saucer separation, working lights, and overall die-cast metal construction demonstrate extraordinary attention to detail.”

The lights replicate the effects seen in the series, including a lit hangar bay, bridge lights, and glowing impulse drive. “This TOMY Prestige Select crowd-funded NCC-1701 Enterprise will be the centerpiece of any avid Star Trek fan’s collection,” said Bill Walters, SVP Brand Leader of TOMY International. “The quality of this die-cast replica, based on the 11-foot TV series NCC-1701 Star Trek Enterprise on exhibit at the Smithsonian Institute, is over 32 inches long and weighs in nearly 20 pounds.”

This video shows off the prototype with the lights in action.

The TOMY U.S.S. Enterprise will be priced at $599 USD (continental United States only). They have begun a crowdfunding campaign today for pre-orders, which runs from June 7, 2022 to July 8, 2022. Pre-orders will only be charged in July if they reach the goal of 5,000 pieces ordered. Production will begin in the fall with deliveries scheduled for the summer of 2023. You can register your pre-order now at

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