Star Wars Celebration Exclusive Black Series Jon Favreau figure

If having a Happy Hogan Mando acton figure was on your Bingo list this is your day. Some and are calling this out however as not giving the fans something new and exciting. Star Wars has a long line of George Lucas in stormtroopers and he never voiced the guy. Here Jon did the voice that is him and Mando is his baby. This is SOP man for creative to be put in a figure and Jon has earned it.

This weekend he will only be available to preorder for Celebration attendees at the event. Hasbro will be giving out one-time codes at their booth #2404. These can be scanned and used to order the figure later at Hasbro Pulse. There should be some limited quantities of the figure will be made available later for regular preorders. So don’t pay and arm and leg just yet for a Happy Hogan Mando.

Available – Fall 2022

Retail – $39.99

Hasbro Pulse Link

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