Virtual Toy Fair 2022: Bandai/Bluefin Previews New Products

Bandai and Bluefin held a virtual Toy Fair presentation featuring their upcoming toys for the company’s broad range of IPs. Dropping primarily in the fall of 2022, collectors can expect to see new products for legacy electronic gaming, anime, and video game properties. Here are the highlights:

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Tamagotchi, Bandai has placed Generation 1 programming in a new shell that replicates the original but with color schemes that reflect modern styles. The cost is $25 on Amazon, for the 25th Anniversary.

A screenshot from the Bandai presentation

A Toy Story Tamagotchi will be released in collaboration with the new Lightyear movie. With these Tamagotchi, you can play with and take care of the toys from the Toy Story franchise – 17 of them – in the traditional Tamagotchi style of game play.

For Bandai’s Dragonball line, there is a new Vegeta and Goku variation headed our way. The company will also release figures for the upcoming Dragonball film, but product for that movie is still under embargo. Anime fans will want to keep an eye on Bandai’s Anime Heroes line, as they announced that they obtained three new IPs, two of which were teased as classic properties, for incorporation into their figure line.

This fall, Bandai said that they would be releasing new monsters and figures for the upcoming season of Stranger Things. The company was especially enthusiastic about the new monster figures they are making for the show.

The Demogorgon on the right is a well-articulated figure, and the Demogorgon on the left glows in the dark.

In Bluefin’s Nanoblocks line, the company reported new additions in the form of buildable Kirbys and Pokemon. Other incoming sets include Pac Man and Megaman.

Bluefin’s Megaman builds premiered in today’s presentation:

In all, Bandai and Bluefin are committed to not just a diverse spectrum of properties, but just as varied a collection of types of toys. From traditional figures, to blind bags, to constructable models, to even anime sword replicas, Bandai and Bluefin promise something for every consumer desire.

By Jonathan Alexandratos

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