G.I. Joe ReAction Figures Wave 2  Snake Eyes Secret Service India

This is a deep dive tribute figure because Super7 Loves joes. They are making the figures that Hasbro won’t. It is that simple folks. They have the animated and comic love list down and are giving you what you didn’t even know you wanted. You will never get a Indian Blue Snake Eyes but today you can thank you Super7.

It seems like no matter what corner of the globe Cobra tries to unleash their nefarious plans, Snake Eyes is there to thwart them! This 3.75” articulated G.I. Joe ReAction figure of Secret Service Snake Eyes features pale blue coloring and an AK-47 accessory inspired by the vintage figure that was only released in India. This rare color variant is likely to get snapped up quickly by collectors, so pick up your G.I. Joe ReAction figure of Secret Service Snake Eyes while you still can, exclusively from Target!

  • Inspired by the vintage Secret Service Snake Eyes G.I. Joe figure released only in India
  • Snake Eyes is a G.I. Joe commando and hand-to-hand combat instructor
  • Features light blue uniform detail and AK-47 accessory
  • 3.75” action figure with five points of articulation
  • Exclusive to Target!
  • Collect the entire line of G.I. Joe ReAction figures by Super7!

Available – Now

Retail – $17.99

Target Link

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