Super7 Supersize  Mummy Boy

Super7’s loveable mascot Mummy Boy lost his arm (and his mind) long ago but he’s just happy to be here. We are happy Mummy Boy is still with us as well! If you’ve followed Super7 for any amount of time you know that he does not take his duties as our ambassador to the real world lightly.  This 16” poseable Supersize figure features premium vinyl construction with blue paint detail and a glow-in-the-dark body. The color way also matches the very first Mummy Boy Japanese vinyl figure that came out in 2008. Our buddy Mummy Boy has grown in size just like he will in your heart! Add the Supersize Mummy Boy to your collection today.

The SuperSize Vinyl line began with the desire to create a life-sized Snoopy figure, complete with thick felt ears, leather collar, and packaged in an adoption crate. From here, we have expanded the line to a truly huge 16” stylized vinyl figure with tailored soft goods costumes and accessories.

Available – Now

Retail – $195.00

Super7 Link

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