Black Seed Toys Tokusatsu Vinyl Gojiji Pre Order

In Tokusatsu monster films, all the monsters are acted by suit actors, which inspired me to create this figure. If I’m going to film my tokusatsu, who should be playing the monster role?

On a film set, the leading role Gojiji is taking off his human suit. He is so hard working and sweating. What is the film about? Let’s contribute to the script together, and remember 13 Jan for worldwide preorder!

In reality, the real monsters we meet seem to be dressed in human skins and pretend to be human. How do we know it’s human or monster inner? (Hey, don’t slander the monsters. Their appearance tally with their inner mind)

Black Seed Toys Tokusatsu Vinyl Gojiji Pre Order


Available – May 2022

Retail – $134.99

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