Realm Of The Underworld SLAYER Dark Defender Pre-Order

SLAYER (DARK DEFENDER) Before the world was broken… There were those who fought to defend it.. Card art by Mike Grell aka Warlord and Green Arrow fame.

Realm Of The Underworld SLAYER (Dark Defender) Pre-Order

SLAYER comes with:
* Interchangeable Zoloworld Body
* Interchangeable Head
* Removable Helmet
* Removable Armor
* Cloth garment
* Mike Grell Backer Card
* Faccone Character Panel Art

Helmet: Jon Crom 
Environment: Rachelle Carter 
Paint master: Jean Zolotorow 

Pre-Order Friday Jan 7th at 12:00PM EST

All pre-orders scheduled to ship 2nd / 3rd quarter 2022

Retail – $34.99

Realm Of The Underworld Link

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