Arcade1Up Launches 4 New Lead Title Retro Home Arcade Machines

To celebrate nearly 3 million arcade machines sold in less than 3 years, Arcade1Up announced today during CES, the expansion of its Legacy Edition Line, one of its top-selling lines, and the introduction of the Arcade1Up Pro Series to enhance the gaming experience at home.  

The new and innovative retro gaming collection includes these iconic titles:  

·        Midway Legacy Arcade Game Mortal Kombat®30th Anniversary Edition (available in Spring 2022): In celebration of three brutal decades of MORTAL KOMBAT®, Arcade1Up introduces for the first time ever LIVE online play in a Midway home arcade machine. This home arcade packs a SUPERB punch.   

·        Atari Legacy Arcade Game Centipede® Edition (available in Spring 2022): Retro gaming fans and pop-culture enthusiasts have been clamoring for it, and here it is courtesy of Arcade1Up: the Atari Legacy CENTIPEDE® Edition home arcade machine. For the first time in a form factor shaped just like the original classic arcade cabinet!   

·        Bandai Legacy Arcade Game PAC-MANIA™ Edition (available in Spring 2022): For the first time ever in a BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Legacy home arcade game machine, you’ve got Wi-Fi leaderboards! With no subscription required, see how your high scores measure up to other retrogamers with this Arcade1Up BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment PAC-MANIA™ Legacy Edition. 

·        Pro Series Killer Instinct (available in Summer 2022): Introducing our Pro Series line with Killer Instinct! A premium gaming experience with large screens, larger scale, upgraded components like joysticks and buttons, and a matching riser. Featuring Wi-Fi enabled online remote play and some of the most innovative features to be announced including authentic artwork and true-to-scale arcade design. 

Arcade1Up kicks-up the experience to a pro level, with the Pro Series Killer Instinct™ Arcade Machine.  

Arcade1Up’s additions to the line of Legacy Edition home arcade machines are each packed with 14 nostalgic games, which is the most games to ever be put on an Arcade1Up arcade machine. 

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