Hasbro Haslab Project G.I. Joe Skystriker Funded Star Wars Rancor Not

Hasbro’s Skystriker over came that 10,000 hurdle today hours before the deadline. The added Cobra Figures and the close but no cigar failure of the Star Wars Black Rancor. Added extra fire to the fans and fully supported G.I.Joe over Star Wars. Has the King of Toys Star Wars meet its match does this make G.I.Joe now the king of Hasbro?

Operation Snake Pit

Oh yes, you thought you were so smart. Give the people another G.I. Joe Skystriker – that’s what they really want. Well, it isn’t! Every nincompoop knows that Cobra is the most powerful force in the world! The Skystriker is ours now, and there’s nothing you can do to stop us. We’ll keep your original puny offering intact… but now you’ll also have superior figures and decals from Cobra! Not only, is it I, the most fearsome and handsome Cobra Leader, but I’ve brought my own nefarious Cobra Pilot and a Cobra Ground Crew member to take the Joes down. Together we’ll cover the Skystriker in our very own Cobra decals. What can you do to stop us?! NOTHING. AHAHAHAHHAHA.

Cobra Saves the Day 

You’re still going to get everything you’d get with the Joe’s version of the Skystriker, but now you’ll get even MORE! Because Cobra is BETTER! 

  • An o-ring figure of ME will now come with this offering. What an honor for you to display the greatest Cobra Commander that ever lived on your shelves. This rare 1980s variant of me was undoubtedly the best variant ever made!  
  • I’ve brought an o-ring Cobra Pilot in Sunbow colors with me to fly this COBRA Skystriker, and an o-ring Cobra [Snake] Pit Crew member with his very own flags to take control of your beloved Pit. It’s the Snake Pit now, Joes!  
  • To complete your Skystriker transformation, I will supply you fools with Cobra decals.  

Finally, an offering worth backing!   

And don’t worry, you’ll still get all of this other stuff the “heroes” promised you

Do you remember what it was like to sit in front of the TV and wait for G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero to come on after school? Or the pure unfiltered joy you got from hanging on to every mission? We do, and we want that for you. The Skystriker, o-ring Ace, and o-ring Wayne Ruthel aim to help you grab ahold of that feeling again. They’ll supply you with immediate out-the-box display possibilities that are sure to transport you back to the 1980s in style. Set your sights on all three unlocks and you’ve got a killer operation. Join us on this major mission by funding today

Mission Dates

This HasLab begins on October 23rd and ends on December 7th 

If funded, we will begin shipping in the Spring of 2023.

Available – Pre Orders October 2022

Retail – $229.99

Hasbro Pulse Link

Operation HasLab

Throwback: the early 80s. The hair is high and so is the volume of the music coming out of the boombox speakers. You’ve just discovered the coolest cartoon ever made, G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. You can’t get enough of it. Will the Joes finally be able to defeat Cobra once and for all?!? You’ll happily help the cause by setting up elaborate missions with your favorite action figures, played out in sandboxes, swimming pools, backyards, and bedrooms. The only thing missing from your epic adventures is the baddest combat jet known to any Joe: the Skystriker. It’s time to fulfill — or relive if you were one of the lucky ones — your childhood dreams.

That’s right. It’s the 21st century now and for G.I. Joe’s first ever HasLab we are bringing the afterburner-level heat and re-issuing the Skystriker with some awesome modern updates and incredible, exclusive unlocks. All to celebrate the 40thAnniversary of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. Sure, the Skystriker has been done before (and it’s awesome every time) but never like this. Only with modern technology are we able evolve this classic combat jet by adding the most precise detail and design to bring it from the 80s to the FUTURE. Because the future is now.

The Skystriker isn’t the only incredible item you’ll be able to display in your G.I. Joe collection when you fund this HasLab. You’ll also get two o-ring figures with HasLab exclusive deco – Ace and Wayne Ruthel! The original fighter pilot, Ace, looks just as you remember him in a traditional deco scheme. And Wayne Ruthel has deco designed to call back to the original Skystriker packaging. If these two legendary action figures aren’t enough to blow your mind, we have even more to add!

You’ll be able to unlock up to 3 different tiers with even more exclusively decoed o-ring action figures and accessories, including Scarlett in a flight suit for the first time ever, Rip Cord in Night Force colors, and 2 Pit Crew members to man the runway vehicles. Fund this project today to start fighting for freedom wherever there’s trouble!

Initiate the Mission: 10,000 backers needed to successfully fund

The Skystriker

  • The Skystriker soars into action with over 200 deco ops!
  • You’ll immediately notice the quality of engineering, right down to the moveable joystick in the cockpit.
  • The cockpit isn’t the only feature to get an update. There are all new functioning landing levers, one for landing gear and one for wings, swappable black tail fins to match the packaging art, a useable tow hook, and multiple options for dog bone pins to customize weapon load out.
  • The sculptural integrity is miles ahead of previous Skystriker This combat jet is made to last.
  • It’s customizable! The Skystriker comes with different sets of high-quality decals. One set to look like the Skystrikerwe know and love, and one to look like an F-14 Tomcat! Plus, additional stickers of the pilot’s names to put on the window for that extra personalized touch. AND a second canopy to decorate the heck out of with all those stickers.

This is YOUR Skystriker; show the world.

Critical Mission Support:

More Backers, More Possibilities

Not quite endless, but definitely epic.

There are 3 possible additions to this combat crew, upping the worldbuilding potential of this HasLab to new heights.

Unlock 1 – 13,000 backers

Scarlett O-Ring Action Figure in Flight Suit

Don’t mess with Scarlett unless you’re ready for a heck of a fight. Clad in the iconic flight suit she wore when she first burst onto the G.I. Joe: A Real American here scene, o-ring Scarlett comes with a crossbow accessory to maximize her action capabilities. Never created before, and exclusive to this HasLab, o-ring Scarlett gives is a modern throwback to Real American Hero.

Unlock 2 – 16,000 backers

Rip Cord O-Ring Action Figure in Night Force Colors

You can’t keep o-ring Rip Cord down. This airborne infantry demolitions specialist in Night Force colors has never been created before and is exclusive to this HasLab. Nothing rattles Rip Cord, maybe that’s because he’s always ready. This O-Ring Rip Cord figure comes with multiple accessories that mirror the original action figure, like re-breather, helmet, and parachute backpack.

Unlock 3 – 18,000 backers

2 Pit Crew O-Ring Action Figures & Cloth Parachutes

The Pit Crew is here! These newly created HasLab o-ring Pit Crew action figures bring you back to where G.I. Joe began with design and deco exclusive to this project. Picture them waving in the Skystriker from another successful mission with their ground crew wands accessories. This attention to detail and design helps create that sense of military precision we love to see at The Pit.

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