Walmart Exclusive Predator Super Set

A super collection set of Predators. 12” classic Predator is action poseable, comes with a glowing plasma caster and a removable bio-helmet. Press head for flexing-jaw action. The two 7” Predators (City Hunter & Berserker) are poseable and each comes with his specialty hunter weapon Predators, the most deadly and elusive hunters in the universe, have now chosen Earth as their otherworldly hunting ground. Special forces, police, and intelligence operatives now aware of these deadly creatures have united to track them down. But really, who’s tracking whom! Utilizing advanced alien technology these deceptive extraterrestrials have an array of weapons for any situation or environment. From dense tropical jungles to concrete laden cities, the unseen Predators stalk their prey and will only leave with trophies in hand. Test your mettle and choose your Predator, grab them before they disappear. Let the Hunt begin!

* 12″ action poseable classic Predator comes with wrist blades and a removable bio-helmet.

* Press button of the classic predator to activate light up shoulder plasma caster and press head for flexing-Jaw action!

* Light up feature is operated on 3 x AG13 button cell batteries (included)

* The two 7” Predator figures are action poseable.  

* Each comes with his specialty hunter weapon.

Available – Now

Retail – $30.00

Walmart Link

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