Darkwing Duck Dynamic 8ction Heroes DAH-040SP Negaduck BBTS Exclusive

The animated series ‘Darkwing Duck,’ from the mind of Tad Stones and his team at Disney, was an early 90’s classic that imagined a superhero that swoops out of the shadows to “get dangerous” with the vile villains of his beloved city of St. Canard! And there was no villain more vile than Darkwing’s diabolical doppelganger, Negaduck!

The nemesis of DW and the nihilistic n’er-do-well from the nearby Negaverse, Negaduck is the evil extra-dimensional doppelganger of Darkwing; the literal negative or opposite of our main hero! Whether flying solo or leading the crazed cabal of crafty criminals known as the Fearsome Five, Negaduck is always looking for a cunning way to challenge the heroes of the Disney classic!

Beast Kingdom’s ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’ is ready to showcase a ‘Dynamic 8ction Heroes’ set that will surely get the evil in you hyped! The DAH-040SP Negaduck is smartly dressed in his yellow suit made of real fabric! Featuring over 20 points of articulation, this premium figure features a set of replaceable eyes and mouths to truly capture the crazed countenence of the wicked character of Negaduck. A host of weapons also showcase the many dastardly attacks Negaduck subjects Darkwing and company to on a regular basis, such as his favorite bomb,and oversized detonator. The piece-de-resistance is his trusty chainsaw; a fan favorite when it comes to Negaduck’s arsenal, recreated here in its full glory. For fans of Darkwing Duck’s most infamous villain, this is an action figure set not to be missed!

Via Arron Sparrow

Available – January 2022

Retail – $79.99


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