Iron Studios Alma Negra  El Chapulín  Art Scale 1/10

With all his wickedness displayed on his face, wearing the classic costume of a privateer, the infamous villain and arch-enemy of the heroic (but not quite) Chapulín Colorado, raises his bronze mug to celebrate one more of his conquers. Whether digging up treasures with his crew (and then burying them) or torturing his enemies in the most horrific ways (like making them watch political TV shows every day), he’s always willing to conquer and hide his treasures. Iron Studios presents the statue of the fearsome “Alma Negra – El Chapulín – Art Scale 1/10”, the infamous pirate who killed Dead Sea.

Followed by his faithful squire, Matalote, the ruthless Alma Negra is the leader of the pirate crew formed by Panza Loca, Sabandija and Lagoa Seca, and one of the great opponents of the clumsy hero, El Chapulín Colorado. Played in the Mexican comedy series El Chapulín Colorado by comedian Ramón Valdez, although Alma Negra wears an eye patch, he was never one-eyed, as he revealed that the accessory was only used because it was part of the costume he had rented the week last. Alma Negra even wanted to pierce his eye with a knife, but it was the knife that went blunt. Even after his death, Alma Negra continued to appear to his descendants as a ghost.

Already available for Pre-Order, after several statues derived from the El Chavo del Ocho series, this is one more big hit starring Roberto Gómez Bolaños (Chespirito). Iron Studios expands the line of the superhero El Chapulín with Alma Negra and Super Sam, two fun and iconic characters from the series, played by Valdez, with more news coming soon. As the noble red hero would say, regarding the Iron Studios social medias, “¡Siganme los buenos!”

Alma Negra – El Chapulín – Art Scale 1/10


– Limited edition

– Based on original references

– Made in polystone – *(may contain parts in resin, polystone, PVC, metal and fabric)

– Hand painted

– Product dimensions: 8.6 in (H) x 5.1 in (W) x 5.5 in (D)

– Product Weight: 0.7 lbs

– MSRP: USD 119,99 (American US Dollars)

– Release schedule: Third quarter of 2022

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