Mattel Creations Barbie Signature King Ocean Ken Merman Doll

Barbie Signature introduces underwater royalty, King Ocean Ken doll. This mighty ocean-dweller enchanted Barbie fans and became the crowdsourced winning thematic to go from concept to doll. Emerging from his aquatic kingdom, this collectible Ken merman doll wears gleaming rose gold colored armor featuring a shell-encrusted breastplate, spaulder shoulder armor and bicep armbands. His regal head adornments and iridescent fins are perfectly suited for a ruler of the sea, and articulation allows for endless posing possibilities. A exclusive, King Ocean Ken doll makes a great gift for Barbie fans and collectors. Includes doll stand and Certificate of Authenticity. Doll cannot swim or stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

  • Release Date: 10/13/2021
  • Designer: Angel Kent
  • Label: Gold Label
  • Facial sculpt: Julio (New)
  • Body Type: Poseable Hero Male
  • Fashion: Shell-encrusted breastplate, spaulder shoulder armor, bicep armbands
  • Fashion Sewn On?: Yes
  • Doll Stand: Yes

Barbie Signature Member Exclusive – Accepting pre-orders from 10/13/21 9am PT to 10/19/21 9pm PT.

Available – June 2022

Retail – $100.99

Mattel Creations Link

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